Wednesday, November 28, 2018


10 p.m.  The waves are barely visible from this hill as they crash against the shore.  And, over there...

The mountains are majestic as
the moon sets them aglow!
In the absence of the sun
such beauty yet to know!
The same to almost hypnotize
with its eerie view;
the same God to create it all
receiving praise anew!

Beholding, in the silent night,
the moving of His hand;
avoid the wasting precious time
trying to understand;
only take it in--the many
lesser shades of light
that bring to knowledge His creation
everywhere there's sight!

Night.  Dark to many.  Unknown to most.  BUT GOD is even busy now tending to His creation.  And so fortunate are the few that get to behold Him as He does!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Personal integrity

Watching and waiting.  "Occupying" until that time.  God keeps His Word.  What about our words?  Are they just as good?

"Oh God, You and Your ways are o so real!
You are so much greater than the way we 'feel;'
You base Your love for us on naught but 'grace;'
You never turn when we look into Your face.

God, Your 'reality' is needed so!
This world is starving for Your kind of 'know!'
"Intelligence' abounds at every hand,
but 'wisdom' seems too great to understand!

O center us in You and on Your Word!
Let true empathy, once more, Lord, be occurred!
We cry out, Father, to obtain Your ways
while still there be time and there be yet days!"

In spite of what we see and hear around us and on the news, God is still alive!  Too, He is still willing and able to direct our paths...IF we are willing to submit to Him!  "Submit."  That is a word that a lot of folks have a hard time with.  Are you one of them?

Monday, November 26, 2018

Just "necessary?"

God is so good!  His goodness, in fact, is in place before we even know we have need of Him.  But is "need" all He is good for?

"You are so very necessary;
more than ever before?
But God, You've ALWAYS been right here;
inside, outside and more!
Why do so many call on You
when something's going wrong,
yet seem, Lord, to ignore you when
their hearts contain a song?

You are The God of constancy--
not just in situation!
And blessed are those who savor You
in constant relation!
You do not change at all, yet some
say they cannot find You!
In spite of what our "feelings" are,
You stay so very true!

You are so necessary, but
You're WANTED in MY life!
You join my celebrations, not
just rescue me in strife!
O help us all to KNOW that You,
for You are Life indeed,
and not just someone that we call
each time we have a need!"

The constancy of God. 
In fact, He is so consistent that He is even there with you before THAT problem may arise.  Recognize Him as such, and know the fullness and wonder of true friendship and relationship with Him!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

So needed!

Each of us have our own little "circle of friends."  For some, it's a select few members of the church they attend.  For others, it's a select few people that they labor alongside.  For still others, it may be certain family members.
Is that what God intended?

I know the places I should go,
the people I should see;
for there are places and some folks
where you should not find me!
I have the words to say down pat;
I know how I should act;
does Jesus' Presence everywhere
change any of this fact?

I should not be seen at that event,
but that is where I'm needed!
If I avoid that place, is it
His calling that I've heeded?
The folks there need Him just as much
as those folks in the pew!
My absence in a certain "place"
may mean no life anew!

Too often we avoid something
because of Jesus' Name,
when, in all reality, it's
the reason that He came!
Someone may be waiting there
to hear His voice in us!
Ask Him to lead your steps, and worry
not for others' fuss!

Too often, ministry is missed because we are too concerned about "what others may think."  And if you are the one watching where I go to see if I go "somewhere" that you think I shouldn't, shame on you!  I have met more people needing ministry by going to "those" places and truly demonstrating Jesus than I would not have otherwise.
The mission field is not defined by the level of comfort felt by certain individuals, it is defined by heeding the voice of Holy Spirit and OBEYING!
Where did you go today?  Or should I ask "Where did you NOT go?"

Friday, November 23, 2018

One spark

The Word of God illustrates so vividly the power we have.  One of the most powerful things we have is our ability to communicate.
Do you have reign over your words?

One little, tiny spark--
the damage done by it;
we see the mass of acreage,
for now, become unfit!
The life that it can interrupt,
(or even terminate!)
One little, tiny single spark--
the damage is too great!

The same be done to life itself
with just one single word!
For if the tongue has no control,
what damage be occurred!
Even that one spoken where
nobody else can hear--
the fruits of it may be horrible,
and ever so severe!

For no man may control the tongue;
it take a greater Power!
And such be needed even more
as we approach The Hour!
See to it that you weigh your thoughts
BEFORE words come to be;
for they can have results not even
YOU desire to see!

Words.  They can be used to glorify and encourage, or they can be used to devastate and destroy.  You have the power to decide which words to use.  GOD has given that great responsibility to you.  Use it wisely.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

In the rush...

Running here and there...trying to get as much done as I can in the time allotted.  But wait a minute...look up...

How blue, the open sky about...
how bright, the morning sun!
How peaceful be the moment--
all attributed to One!
Creator God--so visible,
so glorious, so true!
I see the wonders of the day
and praises flow anew!

"You are glory!  You are awesome!
You are o so great!
And yet, Lord, You choose such as we
to love on and relate!
You set aside what You are doing,
making time for us,
like making such a glory sky
without a single fuss!

Glorious, beautiful,
wonderful also;
the creation You create,
oh, if everyone would know!"

That too busy world that each and every one of us are involved in and with, it has a Creator.  And He desires a relationship with you!  And I am sure that He would appreciate hearing from you about the wonders of His creation.  Trust me on this!
Time is precious.  But Jesus is more worthy of that time than anything else in your life!

Gratitude "Day"

Thanksgiving.  Not JUST a holiday...not a "springboard" into a season of over-spending...not merely an excuse to get out of work for a few days.  No, Thanksgiving is something that SHOULD be lived each and every moment of EVERY day because we are SO very blessed!

Gratitude unto my God

to even be alive!
Grateful--to go out the door
and, safely, to arrive!
Grateful for to hear His voice
but all throughout the day;
grateful that He guards our path
each step along the way!
And so grateful for the many friends
and the family
that He places on the path
at every step that be!
Even those I do know not
with whom I come in touch--
ministry--it happens!  Causing
gratitude, so much!

Thanksgiving--more than just a day,
it is a state of heart!
Whatever happens, something is
where "thanks" you may impart!
Give it unto God--for He
has caused that thanks to be!
Thanksgiving day...a "holiday?"
A way of life, you see!

There is so much to be thankful for.  Even through the disasters of late, there is STILL a lot to be thankful for.
It is this writer's prayer that you do not have to think too hard to find something for which to give Him thanks...EVERY DAY!  For He is worthy of it all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Deep Within

This life is so...variable!  We have good days...we have bad days...we have GREAT days!  But there is One constant that remains the same no matter what day it is.  Do YOU know Him?

"That which is dwelling deep, so deep,
may it be only good!
O Lord, my God, there is so much
that, dwell upon, I could!
But You are greater, higher...more
than what could plague this place!
The "good" You are--oh keep me filled
according to Your grace!

O Lord, You are so very good,
and newer every day;
inside of me...outside of me...
and each step of The Way!
You cause me to experience
the good more than the bad;
oh Lord, You are the very best
experience I've had!!

That which is dwelling deep, so deep
is stabilizing so!
For You remain--in spite of what
this daily life may know!
And You reveal that goodness to me
in so many ways!
I look around;  I cling to You
and sing out Your great praise!"

Jesus.  So deeply indwelt.  So deep that nothing of this world may affect Him!  THAT'S the greatest "good" anyone can have!
And YOU can have it too.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Thankful even now!

Yes, so much to be thankful for!
So very grateful to belong to God and carry a certain 'reputation' in a very busy world that seems to barely slow down to take notice.  Even at work...

In a very busy place once more.

Knowing exactly what I am here for.
Sure, there are employees everywhere;
do they all have the same concern and care?

Integrity is key at ANY place!

I have that job because of God's great grace.
Thus, I must consider Him my "boss,"
lest all that time and labor count for loss!
Too many work and "just put in their time."
The hours pass on someone else's dime.
They do what must be done as they complain...
but when the checks arrive, their care is plain!

And YOU, why do YOU labor at your place?
You have your job too because of grace!

Does that show, though, in the product you produce?
If not, you might as well, then, be cut loose.

The Word of God clearly states that, whatever you do for work, do it with all of your heart.  Give it all you've got!  Even if the paycheck does not reflect the amount you put into it, God will see to it that you are well rewarded...IF you are doing it with the correct motive!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

More of life to know!

Life.  Living. 
If you are reading this, then you are part of that!  But what else have you to look forward to?  If you are living for Jesus, there is so much more!

Where toil and trial are no longer present,
someday, we will labor evermore!
Until that time, we labor in His Presence
that His love and mercy may be known!
Every day presents another challenge,
another opportunity to bless!
And every day, but constantly, He's with us;
His holy Name must only we confess!

Yes, Jesus is inside and all around us
as we go about the busy day.
He stabilizes us as we press onward,
guiding us along--He is The Way!
Let not the trials of the daily toil
distract us from the goal just there ahead,
nor let them hinder us from words and workings
that may, those around us, truly bless!

No man is exclusive to these trials,
yet each of us have different things to do.
I meet with several hundred people daily--
that doesn't make me any more than you!
Truth is, we ALL are in this life together,
and, together, we shall overcome!
Keep Christ alive inside your heart, my brother,
that Paradise above may be your sum!

Little by little...moment by by day...that's how we shall overcome and arrive IF we are followers of Jesus.  Be one of them with us, won't you?  He has plenty of room for YOU!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Your Fire!

There is a certain unction inside the heart of them that have responded to God' call.  It so drives His Own to live their faith in such a way that others may desire it too...

"That which burns inside of me
that just won't go away--
for it be praise for You, o God,
and all You have to say!
Your Holy Word, that inner voice,
Your Holy Spirit real
that burn inside this servant's heart--
may never I conceal!!

I know that You have chosen and
You've called us as Your Own.
Be so alive inside that men
are drawn so You be known!
Already have You set apart
the ones that You desire,
now cause us to be drawn together
that ALL may know Your fire!

Yes, we are called to call upon
that one about our lives
to demonstrate your perfect love
so that that one arrives!
We give ourselves unto that calling,
Lord, but every day
that there may be sheer multitudes
upon The Narrow Way!"

"No man lights a fire and puts it under a bushel basket.  Rather, he sets it on a lampstand for all to see."

May the light of Jesus Christ so shine inside of you that it draws others to that saving knowledge of God's love and grace!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Living Life

Somehow, somewhere, somebody got the idea that, once you got saved, the troubles and trials of this life would skip you.  That's not going to happen until THIS life is over and we are in His Presence!

The trials of the day that are--

no person is immune.
There is abundant hope and peace, though,
for them that commune!
Connected to The True Vine, Jesus,
is the ONLY way
to press on through the trials that are
unto that perfect day!

Such is NOT a guarantee

ordeals will pass you by,
but He will not abandon you
and leave you high and dry!
He'll be right there beside you, feeling
everything you feel;
He'll be right there for to provide,
deliver and to heal!

So think not you're "untouchable"

as you go on your way,
just know that you are not alone
at ANY time of day!
And God--the very One Who made
the world that you go through
will be your Guard throughout this life
if you allow Him to!

Several people spoke to me today about trials and ordeals that they were going through.  I got a call tonight about another.  Most of those who spoke with me did so because they knew that we would pray...and it was people that belong to God that were talking!  We do so because we KNOW that we serve a merciful Lord Who WILL answer our prayers!
Have YOU such assurance?

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Finally, done with the chores of the day.  Now onto the chores at home and rest and relaxation?  Is that all?  What about God?  You may have spent time with Him this morning, but is that all He gets?

Praise and adoration to

the One and only King!
Lift your voices, all ye people,
freely, freely sing!
For He is worthy of all praise
that generates so deep!
Even praise from ALL creation,
be it the slightest peep!
But greater than a peep to be
from him with pen in hand!
For praise--it is inspired as
I scan the open land!
And even in the darkest night
with sight completely gone,
His praise and adoration,
it will yet continue on!

And even in that Place that waits

beyond the days that be,
He will be worshipped and adored
for all eternity!
For He is JESUS--and He is
the very life within!
Glory, praise and honor--
they will ever cease therein!

Turn off the television.  Stop whatever you are doing and make sure that you spend time worshipping JESUS for Who He is!  Not only will it glorify Him, it will uplift you, and it will reap rewards for all eternity!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

PAINFUL Questions

"Where are You when the pain becomes too great?
You are right here, assuring that You relate;
Where are you when the tears begin to fall?
You stand in front of me and catch them all;
Where are You when they ridicule and scorn?
You stand in front of me and shield each thorn;
Where are You when the ache is intense so?
You guide these words so others, they will know!

Oh Lord, You are right here with me tonight.
It's You Who are enabling me to write!
And I pray that the words that make it on this page
will cause others to call out to You and engage!

I have no need at all to seek You out.
For You hold me inside Your hands without a doubt!
And even though these words may come with pain,
Your Presence--it is very worth the strain!
You've seen me through so many years of life,
and I KNOW You will not part due any strife!
So cause these words to bring somebody hope;
that they may turn to You to help them cope!"

Life.  Just general living...sometimes it hurts!  But that does not change God and His greatness, nor does it change my relationship with Him!  For I KNOW that He will heal and the pain is only temporary.
Do you have such assurance in YOUR daily life?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Whoever you are, THANK YOU!

This weekend and tomorrow, we reflect upon and give thanks to those who have set their own lives aside and gone somewhere so we could continue our lives...

The day before the day that we give honor.
So many be the ones upon my heart!
So varied are the branches of their service,
and each of them has had a different part.
But each of them to be appreciated
in prayer and in the memories that be;
I call out each name unto God my Father--
each day of their service did He oversee.
And He saw fit to see that most came back home.
For that, I thank HIM oh so very much!
Were it not for His grace and His protection,
I would have no idea of their touch.

And thanks and honor to all I cannot mention
because I do not know yet who they be!
If you have served America in service,
we thank you, because we still have liberty!
Each veteran, no matter branch of service--
thank YOU from mine and many other hearts!
We be who we are due God's great mercy,
and the great sacrifices on your parts!

Thank you so much to so many.  I have a list of names going through my heart as I write this, (and I'm sure that you do too!) but I won't list them because I know I will leave too many out!  Just know this: if you are a veteran of the United States military, we are very grateful for you and the sacrifices that you made!

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Turn on the up the newspaper...even listen in on the "coffee crew" at your local restaurant.  You won't hear hope or assurance.  But this I know: JESUS CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN!

The visions He provides so we'll press on...

How long will such be until they are gone?
Said visions and assurances exist
because He wants no single soul be missed!
And they are to encourage on The Way.
For paradise here is not every day!
In fact, each day has challenges anew;
thus He provides that blest, exclusive view!

The visions and the vows unto His Own.

For they exist so that hope will be known!
For if we trusted only what we see,
unfortunate and sad be such as we!
BUT GOD, He gives His Word to us each day
to keep us steady on the Narrow Way
KNOWING there is perfect life ahead--
when you arise, is that how you are led?

The promises "we've heard for years" are real!

There IS a Paradise He will reveal
to all who call Him Savior and their Lord!
Perfection--it will finally be restored!
Press on, therefore, my friend, unto that day.
Though plenty in this life would bid us sway,
it is not worth the life He has in store!
Pray "Even so, come quickly..." yet once more!

Soon and very soon Jesus WILL return.  No man knows the day or the hour, even His Word states that.  But, in spite of all that we see and hear, do not grow weary in well-doing, and DO NOT GIVE UP!


Friday, November 9, 2018

Life upended!

Life happens...again.  For some, it is life that is not planned, is not wanted, and is not fair.  BUT GOD, He is fully aware of what is going on and HE WILL take care of you.  Can you trust Him?

"You are hope when there is little to be found;
You raise us up unto that solid ground;
Your arms--for there is nowhere they can't reach!
You hear our prayers, oh Lord, as we beseech.
And You respond in ways we can't explain!
Your ways, for they are anything but 'plain!'
When there is no way out You find a way;
that's why You are The Truth, The Life, The Way?

You see my situation and You're aware
what will be done to show us Your great care!
We look...see...feel...and we don't understand,
that does not hinder Your almighty hand!
And, in that hand, we stand firm and believe,
knowing that, from You, we will receive!
For we have idea, Lord, what 'could...'
but we trust and know that, from YOU, it will be good!"

Do you have that kind of assurance tonight?  If not, know that You are not alone.  And know that God is well aware of all that is happening where you are and He WILL NOT let you out of His hand!
We are praying for you.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ugliness once more

The nightly news to inform us of yet another tragedy.  Of course it affects us, but how we handle it and where we go from here is of utmost importance!

Clinging to The Hope that never fails...

savoring the peace that He avails...
though this life, it is erratic so,
The Hope contains great certainties to know!

So it will be until the trumpet blast;
until Jesus comes and, this life, it is passed,
there will be disaster and unease--
let it not stop you, though, from living, please!
Continue to do the good you have within.
Though others may rebel and foster sin,
let it not hinder what you know as "right;"
as each of us must face this daily plight!

Yes, cling to That Hope that's Jesus Christ alone!
Already is established His great throne
and until we are there before His feet
this place will do its best to bring defeat!
But weary not in doing what is right.
For it may be seem to be a fruitless fight,
but God has promised that He will repay!
Stand firm, my brothers, therefore, 'til That Day!

His Word admonishes us not to grow weary in well-doing.  No matter what those around us may do, regardless what may be done to even you, DON'T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.  For God is aware of it all and still remains our only Hope!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

That unexpected silence

Ever had those times when you WANT to hear something from God and it seems like He is being silent?  Everyone who belongs to God has had those times.  You are not alone.  And I promise you that you will hear from Him if you just press on!

Where are the words when I am not inspired?
Where are the verses when I'm sore and tired?

I must recall they are not mine anyway,
and Jesus ALWAYS has something to say!
If I can't write, I still can hear His voice;
and looking for Him--that remains my choice!
For even if I have no pen in hand,
He is so evident with me and o'er the land!

Where are the words?  For He contains them all.
And, in HIS time, on my page they will fall!
For He is "inspiration" all the time--
even when there's no rhythm and no rhyme!
My God--He is so faithful every day
to visit this man with precious things to say!
And I see that He has done it yet once more;
and now to see just who these words are for...

Did you need to hear these words today?
Was this something that was written especially for you?
Converse with Him then, and thank Him for speaking to you.  For He does so with me every time I make time for Him.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

More than 'Politics!'

A lot of activity in this country today.
For some, a lot of anxiety in this country tonight!
For One, however, there is no anxiety at all.  For he was/is/and will be in complete control again tomorrow!

"You see and know the heart of every man.
You are aware of each and every plan.
You saw tomorrow before "time" did exist,
and yet, not one of us have You dismissed!
We trust in You alone, Lord, in all things.
Your care of us--such confidence it brings!
All politics and policies aside,
Your sovereign will shall never be denied!
O thank You for the peace that generates!
Beyond all issues; above, Lord, all debates
is the fact that YOU are in control
and that You are aware of every soul!
O please continue, Lord, Your touch upon this life.
It will encompass ecstacy to strife
but we stand in Your love and upon Your Word
until, that trumpet blast, it has occurred!"

So much stress and strife at this time in this country, (and around the world,) but God remains God and that which He has purposed will not be altered by any mere mortal.

Keep trusting.  Keep pressing on.  God's got this!

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Father God.
So simple.  So complex.  So indescribable!  He is the same yesterday, today, forever...yet never boring!  What can mere words declare?

"You know me long before the day is come.
At morningtide, You know the whole day's sum!
You take care to see that we are cared about;
no man at all can figure such things out!
Such is due to the great depth, Lord, of Your love!
That asset You are so abounding of!
We only see that which is here and now;
but You have sealed our whole lives in Your vow!

So fortunate we are to know Your love!
So blessed, we, to belong to You above!
There is NO thing of which You are not aware;
this writer is so grateful for Your care!
So help me pen words that draw more to You!
These verses--cause all men to see right through
and behold You guiding, leading me
to write about the wonderments that You be!
Not me, not talent, or no intellect,
but Christ alone on which for to reflect
as anyone reads anything I write;
for it's in glorifying YOU I take delight!!"

God and God alone.  The Source of these words, these thoughts, these verses.  It is my sincere prayer that you, the reader, are drawn closer to Him as you read what I send out.  For I cannot write like this without Him guiding my heart and my hands!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The beautiful and the black!

So describes the vision before me now.  But how can I communicate it...

How to paint the vision with
some letters and some lines?
How many are the subtleties
that verbiage so defines?
So is the quandary of the moment
as the fall transpires;
of a truth, His artistry--this pen,
it so inspires!

Even more aglow with an
imposing thunderstorm
behind the verdant forest 'yond
just now begins to form!
The spectrum set aglow against
the darkest of the sky!
To be witness of such art,
so very blessed am I!

"O thank You, once again, Lord, for
the seasons and their sights!
The pen inside the ready writer's hand
it so excites!
And it causes life be still
for to behold Your majesty,
for just a little while
and You're amazing style!"

The lightning begins.  I hear the thunder.  I know I have a very small window of time to savor this awesome sight before the storm hits.  I leave its verbal "capture," though, in the capable hands of God as He, once again, gives me a message to share!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Just a messenger

Going about the day... minding our own business... getting done what must get done... living life.  As such is done, however, does it ever occur to you that you are being "used?"  (And, by the way, you are also being watched!)

At the daily grind once more,

doing all I can;
is there time to stop at all
and "witness" unto man?
For it be true however, though,
that man is seeing all;
what greater opportunity
for the purest of "The Call!"
For all of them that come my way
should see not only me,
but Jesus should be on display--
so very plain to see!
Some won't listen to you "preach,"
but they will see it, though,
if You allow Him to flow freely
as you onward go!

The greatest sermons--they are lived,

not practiced and recited.
By the very life you live
should 'someone' be invited!
Live Him as you go your way--
peculiar, set apart;
for that is how to reach the very
deepest of the heart!

I was at the window today when a lady came through and said "You pray for people, don't you?"  Thrilled by her statement, I told her of course I did.  Being so busy, though, I gave her a card with my email address on it.  When I got home, there was her prayer request in my inbox.

This is all said to the glory of God.  After all, it is He Who answers those prayers, I am but a messenger.
Are you available?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

From the deck...

So beautiful.
Looking out across the landscape at "droppings" God has left behind.  Some of it is yet hanging in the trees, holding on until the last bit of strength is gone...

So colorful--the carpet on the ground;
How many are the colors to be found?
How vast to be the vision that's before?
BUT GOD, has He created "seasons" for?

As many scramble, keeping leaves at bay,
I view the land, declaring "That's ok!"
They may be a nuisance unto most,
but, by their beauty, would I be engrossed!

Autumn--one of God's amazing gifts!
The sight and scent so very highly lifts
and causes this man to look to the sky
at the creator of it: GOD MOST HIGH!

Autumn.  Do you see it as just a sign that you are getting older, or do you see it as the beautiful wonder that it is?  I pray that it be the latter, as it is a privilege denied to many!

Enjoy His gift of "seasons!"