Monday, October 29, 2018

What is 'Reality?'

I heard that asked the other day as I was conversing with a group.  It got me to realizing once again that 'reality' to Jesus' believers is completely different than that of the world!

"You're included, Lord, in my 'reality'

Your Presence, it does, all about me, be!
Your touch is in so very much of life;
I even know You in the times of strife.

Without Your Presence, I don't want to be!
Too many lives about me do I see
where he or she would pay no heed to You;
but pray for them each day, my Lord, I do!

Your Presence--it affects life everywhere!
It does not matter if it's here nor there,
You know what is and what will be or not;
so grateful, therefore, that, my life, You've got!

Reality--so varied for each soul.
Yet the very same can make each whole:
allowing You a residence inside--
the ONLY life with victory inside!"

Jesus.  Life...and Life abundant!  Is He part of your reality?  You need Him to be!  And all you have to do is ask.

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