Friday, October 19, 2018

The Word Alive!

Turn the page.  More life.  In fact, it seems that every verse and every line has life to it that one needs to apply each day.
Is that the way it is in your Bible?

How wonderful, the words of life
that jump off of each page!
Holy Spirit so invites
each of us to engage!
That verse that I read last week makes me
yet again to think...
that's why it is The LIVING Word,
and not just page and ink!

How wonderful--the words of Life
He so avails to each!
In the same, the depths of man,
He easily does reach!
Life, and life abundant, even
life eternal, too,
come alive as we ingest
those verses ever-true!

That Living Word--even Jesus Christ
in printed form!
Take of it so often and,
unto His ways, conform!
He is alive inside each page,
(and everywhere around!)
Partake so often of His Word
and watch your life abound!

The LIVING Word.  Jesus Christ.  Kept alive for us through the ages so that each of us could know such Life!  Live Him constantly!

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