Thursday, October 4, 2018

The True Refuge

Busy...busy...busy.  Such is life.  And then life happens and you're not able to be busy at all!  But you know what?  God still remains God, His love does not fail, and you are still the apple of His eye!

Continuing to do as we are called--
even when the same produces pain.
Regardless of the hindrances abounding,
Jesus Christ yet guarantees our gain!
As long as we keep Him before all other,
He will keep us safe inside His hands;
even if we briefly get distracted,
He assures us that He understands!

The Straight and Narrow keep we yet before us.
Even when this life attempts distract.
We know His Promise and all He has for us,
and, upon such, He fails not to act!
Whatever be the mountain set before you,
keep pressing forward, one step at a time.
Again, He knows and fully understands us,
and He will see that we complete the climb!

Life is busy.  Life is frustrating.  Life hurts!  But it is STILL good and He is in complete control!  Lean even harder into Him at such times as these so that you are living in HIS strength and not your own!

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