Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Quiet Beach

A quiet day at the beach.  It is always so comforting to come to this place and enjoy His Presence!

A calm upon the ocean with
the afternoon to fade...
the gentlest of breeze exists
and, silence, it is made;
it is a time to be enjoyed
as very, very soon
will come a mighty tempest on
the beach and the lagoon.

But, in the calm so present now
reflections are so clean;
a peace that passes understanding
would the writer glean;
for with me at the ocean is
the Maker of the sea,
what joy and sweet serenity
would, in His Presence, be!

Enjoy the moments that are calm,
for sure, they do not last.
That "peace that passes all," however,
NEVER will be past!
For it is in Creator God--
the Maker of it all!
Be there a storm inside your world?
Upon His Great Name call!

A quiet day at the beach...but not in all places.  For there are some places right now that are quite stormy.  If your life is one of them, God wants to hear from You so He can see you through it.  Let Him!


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