Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Greatest Truth!

Brother Dalton brought forth The Word this morning and, as always, it was so refreshing to hear such truth!  (And so challenging!)
Many, so many, (too many?) are relying on "religion" or "denomination" these days, when God wants us to SIMPLY focus on His Word Jesus...

So far above "religion" is
relationship with Him.
That seems too simple or too scary,
so most would merely "skim."
But Christ, He wants to be our all
and everything in life,
not just a Name that we cry out
when we are facing strife!

Relationship--is that a thing
that fits into your plan?
And it's a deeper one than those
that we would share with man!
It's one that's freely given, yet
it has a greatest cost;
it calls for us to serve, to give,
and even love the lost.
It even calls for each of us
to lay aside our crown;
our weapons and our wealth, for we
must even lay them down!
But He will give us better, greater
as, to Him, we yield!
The Greatest Truth--it's knowing that,
in JESUS, we are sealed!!

It's that simple.  To many, it's too simple.  How about you?  Can you lay it all aside for only Jesus?  He is really the only One Who matters!

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