Monday, October 8, 2018

The Greatest matter

As I was writing yesterday, JESUS is really all that matters.  Once you find Him, He will instruct you as to what is next.  But you must trust Him.

"You give to me such mercy and such hope.

Without Your love, Lord, can I even cope?
Without the constant flow that comes from You,
there is little that this man can do.

Jesus--You are everything and all
to any that respond unto The Call!
In this life and that one yet beyond,
we have Your word of love, we have Your bond!

No matter what arises in this place,
You vow You will not leave due Your great grace!
We cling to that as we press on ahead
into each thing that, by You, we are led!"

Jesus is the Greatest matter in this life.  Beyond politics...beyond finances...beyond relationships...Give your heart to Him and He will direct it all!
Trust Him.

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