Friday, October 5, 2018


Shhh....over there by those trees...a momma deer and her two fawns!  And people tell me that I waste time going out to spend time in God's creation?!

So beautiful, so fragile,
so wonderful to view!
A deer is grazing quietly
accompanied by her two.
Most around here would grab their gun,
others would grab their lens;
and then there are the ones like me
who grab their pads and pens!
Just there across the meadow,
before the little hill
is such a sight unto the writer
it brings such a thrill!
Too many just pass by, taking
for granted fragile life,
as, in these parts, such animals
they are so very rife.
But not the writer--for he treasures
treasures such as these!
And I watch them until they disappear
just there beneath the trees.
Don't ever take for granted that
which God creates by hand;
for there will come a day and time
when you will understand.

Deer.  Just one of the many species of wildlife that we have around here to watch and enjoy.  You don't have the time to?  Perhaps your life is too full of less important "things."

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