Thursday, October 25, 2018

Peace--in spite of...

Busy...busy...busy...AGAIN!  This time, though, it may not even be with things you planned.  Just remember WHOSE you are, and Him Who secures your calling!

The peace that comes from just one single place-
it is availed only through God's grace!
It soothes and settles, calms and quiets deep,
and proves that, in His care, our lives to keep!

That peace is Jesus--NOTHING hinders Him!
He's in...around...and rides that silver shim!
His timing is so perfect to arrive,
because He is alive so deep inside!

This world--it is lacking perfect peace;
BUT GOD, He has it, freely to release!
No matter what you might be going through,
His Peace, it is available for YOU!

So do not let this world nor its ways
hinder you from knowing heartfelt praise
that rises as you glorify His Name
in That Peace that, from Him, you may claim!

The world gets busier and busier.  That busyness that is around you may not even be something you want to be involved with, and He knows that.  That's why He offers you escape...even if it's momentary.  Take advantage of His offer while it is available.

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