Saturday, October 20, 2018

Obvious Signs

Another year.
Once again to count the colors of the season...something that never gets old!
Creator God creating wonder and majesty...set in order before man even knew what autumn was!

So many are the shades of color
on the open land;
so evident is God Creator
as He waves His hand!
So often is it overlooked
as life goes rushing by,
but take a moment to enjoy
and, briefly, let a sigh.

So valuable to take the time
and see what He creates!
This life is busy and a rush
and God so well relates,
but just invest a part of it
to share with Him alone--
from the same refreshment be
and fresh strength will be known!

Autumn on the open land-
so visible, so real!
With each new day that passes, something
new would He reveal!
Today, it be the mighty oaks
shedding garments old;
tomorrow?  I am positive
there's something new be told!

Make sure to savor each day that passes.  The time we spend today we will never get back, but there are things we can do today to preserve the memories.  Talk to Him about them.

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