Monday, October 15, 2018


One more day closer.
How many more to go?  God Himself said that no man knows.  But He does not leave us alone until that day!  He gives us JESUS to assist us to that Place...

Draw us nearer even now

to that which we so need!
This precious life is full of blessing-
such is true indeed!
But YOU are what we need the most,
therefore, we dearly seek
the wonders of Your very touch,
the words You daily speak!

Nearer, o my God, to You-
Your presence and Your love!
For that is something that NO person
could get too much of!
Your peace is greater than this world
ever could provide;
Your grace is something that, in no
place other, could abide!

Nearer, yes, o God, to You
but all throughout the day!
And by Your side forever, Lord,
desire we to stay!
We press on with that great desire,
onward are we led;
knowing we're with You
in paradise, some day, instead!

To them that continue to answer the call....them that continue to give...them that continue to believe...The Day is nearer! 

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