Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Know that place!

It's that time of day.  Actually, ANY time of day will do when you want to be with God.  He'll meet you there...wherever!

Seeking yet a quiet place,

that time with God, to spend;
I really only need a place,
on not much to depend.
For I know He will meet me where
I call upon His Name;
and, always, when I leave that place,
I am so glad I came!

For God is with me everywhere,
at every time at all.
And He converses with this man
but every time I call!
The situation matters not--
He always understands;
it is a sweet relationship
with very few demands.

So grateful for that quiet place
His Presence is always.
He speaks with me; He listens and
receives my deepest praise!
And He avails the same for you
because He loves you so.
My friend, make sure that quiet place
is a place that you well know!

God DESIRES your presence.  He even goes out of His way to meet you there.  Don't ever lose the desire to be there and, if you don't know where that place is, just ask Him!

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