Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jesus' Authority

Does that concept trouble you?  It troubles a lot of people!  Just look back over the centuries at what it has caused.  Most only look at the bad, though.

"You say the word and changes come about.
It's vain for me to try and figure out!
Your authority--it has no peer,
but too many are ignorant of that here!
Your authority--it makes one whole.
But it must be encountered with the soul!
For only then can life be made complete;
for You are God, and NOTHING may compete!

Your words are life, and we are so in need.
You are Love--and nothing may impede!
The Life You are is not like any other.
You are MORE than "Friend," and even more than "brother!
So many substitutes would man devise;
each one to only prove he is unwise!
The wisest would submit and call You "Lord;"
but "submission?"  Can our pride even afford?!

Continue, though, to speak that Life to me!
For I am Yours!  I give You all I be
because I know I am NOTHING without YOU!
Jesus--Lord and Savior--tried and true!
And Jesus Christ--my closest, dearest Friend.
You will be with me until this life should end,
and then with me throughout eternity!
For there be NONE to question such authority!!"

When Jesus speaks, everything changes.  The deepest changes.  Not a church.  Not a denomination.  Not even a political party can bring about the beautiful change that comes from Jesus.  Christ alone!

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