Sunday, October 28, 2018

"I'll be right there..."

Have you ever heard that from God?  Has He ever said "Just  minute, child, I'm busy!"  Then why is it so easy for us to...

"You call, and I get to You when I can.
You know, Lord, that I am a busy man!
You've given me a calling--I respond;
there are some days I go that step beyond.

I call, and You respond, Lord, right away!
You know what I need before I even say!
You never say 'Hold on, I'll be right there;'
I am always at the center of Your care!

Then why, when You call, do I hesitate?
I know You are beyond time and You will wait.
But You deserve far more from me, o Lord.
O let my dedication be restored!

Yes, I am called, and You deserve my best!
For by You I'm abundantly so blessed!
I give myself yet once again, anew
unto the very bidding, Lord, of You!"

If Jesus Christ has saved our soul, YOU ARE CALLED!  You have work to do.  WE have work to do--HIS WORK!
Let us not settle for just a "convenient" relationship.  Let's give Him our all and our best!

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