Thursday, October 18, 2018

I dare you!

Another day to LIVE and move and breathe and make a difference.  Will you allow that to happen?  I know a lot of folks who won't.

Why is it that, when in despair
we trust in God the most?
When everything is perfect,
in ourselves are we engrossed?
We call upon His Name IF we
have time inside the day;
but we cling to Him and make vows when
there is no other way.

BUT GOD, He wants to be a part
of everything you do!
The boring or exciting, He
so wants to be there, too!
Most only call upon Him in
disaster or in dire,
when God, He's with you anyway-
throughout your life entire!

Invite Him to enjoy your day
whate'er it may contain!
He laughs with you, He tries with you,
He even feels your pain!
Stop ignoring Him until
that moment of despair;
include Him in your every moment
if you even dare!

There are so many things inside the day.  Hold an open conversation with Him as you go through the day, and see if your life does not improve in many ways!
I dare you!

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