Friday, October 12, 2018

Hawksbill Crag

Early afternoon out in His creation.  Who could count the wonders that abound?

Early afternoon upon
the crag so very high.
Blue and white so vivid
high above me in the sky!
And covering the hills and canyon
be the spectrum whole!
October is a sight so very
gripping to the soul!

Not alone upon this crag,
but God be present here.
As I describe each color, He would
lend to me His ear.
Even words as yet unknown
are understood by Him;
His patience and attentiveness
are never to grow dim!

So beautiful--the seasons He
designed before was time;
and He seems entertained as my
set dialect would chime!
The point is, though, He listens to me
every time at all!
Even here, before this wonder
as, His Name, I call!

The color of the Ozarks in October.  I'm positive that He paints such masterpieces elsewhere, as He is the Creator of EVERYWHERE!
Enjoy the beauty of the seasons wherever you are, and don't forget to thank Him for it all!

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