Friday, October 26, 2018

Full Surrender

Sitting here...reflecting on the very busy day...waiting for words...waiting for what God wants me to write...
And, all the while, the One I should write about is sitting right next to me!

"Jesus--You are yet beside me here.
You were with me thru the day, that is so clear!
And as I come invest that little while,
You look at me with those eyes and You smile!
You are the One I most want to proclaim!
There is power in Your Blood and in Your Name!
There is love and understanding in Your eyes;
and, when I need it most, You make me wise!
O Lord, each paragraph and line and word
come to me due Your grace, alone, occurred!
Whenever or wherever, You provide!
I am so fortunate that You are at my side!
So take these words, my Lord, and reach to all.
O let them see the wonder in Your Call!
Do share with them the goodness of your love
and that great grace that You are so full of!
In JESUS' Name,

Jesus.  So faithful!  He gives me words to write when I have no idea why there is a pen in my hand!  Yes, He is that real in this man's life!  He can and will be in YOUR life, too, if you let Him. 
Can you give up that much of your SELF?

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