Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Full steam ahead!!

Signs of the times: people using any means they can to try to get ahead.  But what about "integrity?"

The road unto prosperity--

let's go!  Full steam ahead!
Success is at the end of it
for those who are so led.
But what if someone's in our way?
Do we just "mow them down?"
And how are we to know if it
is part of gaining ground?

The road unto prosperity--
but what cost to exact?
We must learn to arrive with our
integrity intact!
Too many reach prosperity
and do not count the cost.
The same--for they be unaware
that true success was lost.

The road unto prosperity--

it is a path that's led;
and that success will linger if
it's Jesus at the head!
All else to be futility
and fleeting before you know.
Give Christ the lead and, heart-felt wealth,
will very truly show!

I've seen it before.  You've seen it before.  It's everywhere around: people trying to get ahead using any means they can...even illegal.  BUT GOD has true success and He will gladly see that you have it IF you follow His lead.


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