Monday, October 1, 2018


I blew it.  I screwed up.  I came up short of what was/is expected of me.  What now?  No one else even saw it, but I must find a place where I can obtain peace and attempt to recover.
Is your church that kind of place?

Found out by the very ones

who looked up to this man.
It was such a little matter, getting
caught was not a plan.
"Confess your faults one to another,"
so the Bible states;
but can I go to church and find
another who relates?
Then what of those out in the world?
Unto where shall they go?

"We cannot have that kind of person
in our midst, you know!"
But Jesus welcomed such as these,
and even loved them, too;
what would the seeker think or say
of such as me and you?

I know that God's forgiven me

and offers me embrace.
If I confess this to my brother
will that be the case?
Harder questions for the hearts
of those He calls His Own.
When I come talk to you will it be
Jesus' grace that's known?

Each and every one of us has made mistakes.  Some of us continue to make mistakes.  Does loving and accepting me fit into your theology?  I sure hope so!


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