Saturday, October 27, 2018


Sometimes, no introduction is needed.

"Will you forget me when I am called 'old?'
As I advance, will your need of me grow cold?
Yes, I still have wisdom, wealth and personality,
but, in a "senior" home, will you forget me?

I know you have your lives and families;
you have careers and responsibilities;
I used to be someone's priority;
"out of sight...out of mind" do I now be?

You each have your own lives and children, though;
and I am hours away from you, I know;
but if you just pick up the telephone,
your care about me, it will be made known!

Your world's a very busy place, I know;
but I still want to be part of it, though!
Please don't just leave me in this "facility;"
an asset to your life I still can be!

Please make sure that these words don't apply to you.  If they do, there are opportunities for you everywhere!

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