Saturday, October 13, 2018

Experience God!!

"Another Sunday morning...same routine...same people...same place..."
If that is the way YOUR church experience is then you are missing out on quite a bit!
That man that stands there talking to us-
He stands not alone!
Surely, he has spent some time
before the Mighty Throne!
It's His responsibility
to share what he hears there;
but OUR responsibility
is girding him with prayer!

"Lord, I lift up our minister,
please fill Him with Your spirit!
I know You gave him a word to share,
now help us, Lord, to hear it!
Greater, cause us to respond
unto Your each command;
that life would go much easier
for us upon this land!"

"Attending church" yet one more time,
but is that all we do?
We have the responsibility
to share with others, too!
Don't let that word that you just heard
just ruminate within,
apply it to your every day
and live it amongst all men!

Too many I know rise and just show up for church out of habit.  Is that you.  The purpose is to show up and receive from God, of course, but then go unto all the world and share it!  They are dying to hear the message of the Gospel!


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