Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Whole 'Nuther Place!

In reflecting and writing about places recently, tonight I am reminded of a Place that we know so little about, yet most desire to be...

That Perfect Place is on my heart,
that He spoke into being;
that Paradise that waits ahead--
too beautiful for seeing!
It is a Place He has reserved
for them that He selects:
those who Name His Son as Lord--
on it my soul reflects!

For it is my desire to
be in that perfect Place!
And I know that I will some day
when I complete the race!
He has a spot prepared for me
according to His Word
where there be only good and perfect
things to be occurred!

Have you a spot there in That Place?
Do you securely know?
But Give Him Lordship of your life
and, to That Place, you'll go!
It is so very simple to
make Jesus Lord of all;
do not let anything in this life
so complicate that call!

Heaven.  It is waiting for you if you are born again in Jesus.  So many things or people in this life would try to convince you otherwise, though.  DON'T LET THEM!  Ask Jesus into your heart today.  Not only for That Paradise ahead, but He wants to be part of your every moment even now!

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