Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jesus' Authority

Does that concept trouble you?  It troubles a lot of people!  Just look back over the centuries at what it has caused.  Most only look at the bad, though.

"You say the word and changes come about.
It's vain for me to try and figure out!
Your authority--it has no peer,
but too many are ignorant of that here!
Your authority--it makes one whole.
But it must be encountered with the soul!
For only then can life be made complete;
for You are God, and NOTHING may compete!

Your words are life, and we are so in need.
You are Love--and nothing may impede!
The Life You are is not like any other.
You are MORE than "Friend," and even more than "brother!
So many substitutes would man devise;
each one to only prove he is unwise!
The wisest would submit and call You "Lord;"
but "submission?"  Can our pride even afford?!

Continue, though, to speak that Life to me!
For I am Yours!  I give You all I be
because I know I am NOTHING without YOU!
Jesus--Lord and Savior--tried and true!
And Jesus Christ--my closest, dearest Friend.
You will be with me until this life should end,
and then with me throughout eternity!
For there be NONE to question such authority!!"

When Jesus speaks, everything changes.  The deepest changes.  Not a church.  Not a denomination.  Not even a political party can bring about the beautiful change that comes from Jesus.  Christ alone!

Monday, October 29, 2018

What is 'Reality?'

I heard that asked the other day as I was conversing with a group.  It got me to realizing once again that 'reality' to Jesus' believers is completely different than that of the world!

"You're included, Lord, in my 'reality'

Your Presence, it does, all about me, be!
Your touch is in so very much of life;
I even know You in the times of strife.

Without Your Presence, I don't want to be!
Too many lives about me do I see
where he or she would pay no heed to You;
but pray for them each day, my Lord, I do!

Your Presence--it affects life everywhere!
It does not matter if it's here nor there,
You know what is and what will be or not;
so grateful, therefore, that, my life, You've got!

Reality--so varied for each soul.
Yet the very same can make each whole:
allowing You a residence inside--
the ONLY life with victory inside!"

Jesus.  Life...and Life abundant!  Is He part of your reality?  You need Him to be!  And all you have to do is ask.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

"I'll be right there..."

Have you ever heard that from God?  Has He ever said "Just  minute, child, I'm busy!"  Then why is it so easy for us to...

"You call, and I get to You when I can.
You know, Lord, that I am a busy man!
You've given me a calling--I respond;
there are some days I go that step beyond.

I call, and You respond, Lord, right away!
You know what I need before I even say!
You never say 'Hold on, I'll be right there;'
I am always at the center of Your care!

Then why, when You call, do I hesitate?
I know You are beyond time and You will wait.
But You deserve far more from me, o Lord.
O let my dedication be restored!

Yes, I am called, and You deserve my best!
For by You I'm abundantly so blessed!
I give myself yet once again, anew
unto the very bidding, Lord, of You!"

If Jesus Christ has saved our soul, YOU ARE CALLED!  You have work to do.  WE have work to do--HIS WORK!
Let us not settle for just a "convenient" relationship.  Let's give Him our all and our best!

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Sometimes, no introduction is needed.

"Will you forget me when I am called 'old?'
As I advance, will your need of me grow cold?
Yes, I still have wisdom, wealth and personality,
but, in a "senior" home, will you forget me?

I know you have your lives and families;
you have careers and responsibilities;
I used to be someone's priority;
"out of sight...out of mind" do I now be?

You each have your own lives and children, though;
and I am hours away from you, I know;
but if you just pick up the telephone,
your care about me, it will be made known!

Your world's a very busy place, I know;
but I still want to be part of it, though!
Please don't just leave me in this "facility;"
an asset to your life I still can be!

Please make sure that these words don't apply to you.  If they do, there are opportunities for you everywhere!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Full Surrender

Sitting here...reflecting on the very busy day...waiting for words...waiting for what God wants me to write...
And, all the while, the One I should write about is sitting right next to me!

"Jesus--You are yet beside me here.
You were with me thru the day, that is so clear!
And as I come invest that little while,
You look at me with those eyes and You smile!
You are the One I most want to proclaim!
There is power in Your Blood and in Your Name!
There is love and understanding in Your eyes;
and, when I need it most, You make me wise!
O Lord, each paragraph and line and word
come to me due Your grace, alone, occurred!
Whenever or wherever, You provide!
I am so fortunate that You are at my side!
So take these words, my Lord, and reach to all.
O let them see the wonder in Your Call!
Do share with them the goodness of your love
and that great grace that You are so full of!
In JESUS' Name,

Jesus.  So faithful!  He gives me words to write when I have no idea why there is a pen in my hand!  Yes, He is that real in this man's life!  He can and will be in YOUR life, too, if you let Him. 
Can you give up that much of your SELF?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Peace--in spite of...

Busy...busy...busy...AGAIN!  This time, though, it may not even be with things you planned.  Just remember WHOSE you are, and Him Who secures your calling!

The peace that comes from just one single place-
it is availed only through God's grace!
It soothes and settles, calms and quiets deep,
and proves that, in His care, our lives to keep!

That peace is Jesus--NOTHING hinders Him!
He's in...around...and rides that silver shim!
His timing is so perfect to arrive,
because He is alive so deep inside!

This world--it is lacking perfect peace;
BUT GOD, He has it, freely to release!
No matter what you might be going through,
His Peace, it is available for YOU!

So do not let this world nor its ways
hinder you from knowing heartfelt praise
that rises as you glorify His Name
in That Peace that, from Him, you may claim!

The world gets busier and busier.  That busyness that is around you may not even be something you want to be involved with, and He knows that.  That's why He offers you escape...even if it's momentary.  Take advantage of His offer while it is available.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Life.  It is a variety, and we don't often have the privilege to pick that variety.  However, we CAN choose how we look at it and how we react to it, and we can know that God is with us every step of the way!

In celebration or in crisis,

Father, You are here!
You're faithful to respond, o God,
but I must persevere!
I cannot stand around and wait
for You to make the call,
I must continue moving, knowing
You control it all!

You cannot steer me if I'm moving not;
You won't direct me lest, that ear, I've got!
You will not force me to obey Your will;
I do so willingly, my Lord, until!

Regardless what the circumstances be,

I know that You are present, Lord, with me;
be it in sorrow or in ecstasy,
Your Presence, Lord, for it will always be!

Whatever you are going through, don't forget that God is there, and invite Him to participate.  He's there anyway, why not enjoy Him.  You will be amazed at what He can contribute to ANY SITUATION!


Sunday, October 21, 2018

You are here!

There are times in each of our lives that we wonder if God is even around.  That is often a fleeting thought when disaster or tragedy strikes.  But, even in those times, we have the authority and confidence to declare

"You are here when there is no one else;
you know when we can't even say a word;
You know the outcome when we cannot see it,
and it is YOUR victory that's occurred!

With You, oh God, we never are alone;
and there is NO place, unto You, unknown!
You've been everywhere we've been before,
thus You know all the things we have need for!
Even when it's YOU we need the most,
You are here and, with us, You're engrossed!
If it is not Your hand upon our backs,
it is Your arms shielding the attacks!

Yes, You are here at every time at all;
and not a thing is greater than Your call!
For it is echoed through each heart and soul!
Yes, You are here, my Lord, and we are whole!"

You are never, NEVER alone.  God will not turn His back on you, and if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying.  God loves us so much that He will never leave us nor forsake us!
Remember these truths...especially in the days that we are in!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Obvious Signs

Another year.
Once again to count the colors of the season...something that never gets old!
Creator God creating wonder and majesty...set in order before man even knew what autumn was!

So many are the shades of color
on the open land;
so evident is God Creator
as He waves His hand!
So often is it overlooked
as life goes rushing by,
but take a moment to enjoy
and, briefly, let a sigh.

So valuable to take the time
and see what He creates!
This life is busy and a rush
and God so well relates,
but just invest a part of it
to share with Him alone--
from the same refreshment be
and fresh strength will be known!

Autumn on the open land-
so visible, so real!
With each new day that passes, something
new would He reveal!
Today, it be the mighty oaks
shedding garments old;
tomorrow?  I am positive
there's something new be told!

Make sure to savor each day that passes.  The time we spend today we will never get back, but there are things we can do today to preserve the memories.  Talk to Him about them.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Word Alive!

Turn the page.  More life.  In fact, it seems that every verse and every line has life to it that one needs to apply each day.
Is that the way it is in your Bible?

How wonderful, the words of life
that jump off of each page!
Holy Spirit so invites
each of us to engage!
That verse that I read last week makes me
yet again to think...
that's why it is The LIVING Word,
and not just page and ink!

How wonderful--the words of Life
He so avails to each!
In the same, the depths of man,
He easily does reach!
Life, and life abundant, even
life eternal, too,
come alive as we ingest
those verses ever-true!

That Living Word--even Jesus Christ
in printed form!
Take of it so often and,
unto His ways, conform!
He is alive inside each page,
(and everywhere around!)
Partake so often of His Word
and watch your life abound!

The LIVING Word.  Jesus Christ.  Kept alive for us through the ages so that each of us could know such Life!  Live Him constantly!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I dare you!

Another day to LIVE and move and breathe and make a difference.  Will you allow that to happen?  I know a lot of folks who won't.

Why is it that, when in despair
we trust in God the most?
When everything is perfect,
in ourselves are we engrossed?
We call upon His Name IF we
have time inside the day;
but we cling to Him and make vows when
there is no other way.

BUT GOD, He wants to be a part
of everything you do!
The boring or exciting, He
so wants to be there, too!
Most only call upon Him in
disaster or in dire,
when God, He's with you anyway-
throughout your life entire!

Invite Him to enjoy your day
whate'er it may contain!
He laughs with you, He tries with you,
He even feels your pain!
Stop ignoring Him until
that moment of despair;
include Him in your every moment
if you even dare!

There are so many things inside the day.  Hold an open conversation with Him as you go through the day, and see if your life does not improve in many ways!
I dare you!

Monday, October 15, 2018


One more day closer.
How many more to go?  God Himself said that no man knows.  But He does not leave us alone until that day!  He gives us JESUS to assist us to that Place...

Draw us nearer even now

to that which we so need!
This precious life is full of blessing-
such is true indeed!
But YOU are what we need the most,
therefore, we dearly seek
the wonders of Your very touch,
the words You daily speak!

Nearer, o my God, to You-
Your presence and Your love!
For that is something that NO person
could get too much of!
Your peace is greater than this world
ever could provide;
Your grace is something that, in no
place other, could abide!

Nearer, yes, o God, to You
but all throughout the day!
And by Your side forever, Lord,
desire we to stay!
We press on with that great desire,
onward are we led;
knowing we're with You
in paradise, some day, instead!

To them that continue to answer the call....them that continue to give...them that continue to believe...The Day is nearer! 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Experience God!!

"Another Sunday morning...same routine...same people...same place..."
If that is the way YOUR church experience is then you are missing out on quite a bit!
That man that stands there talking to us-
He stands not alone!
Surely, he has spent some time
before the Mighty Throne!
It's His responsibility
to share what he hears there;
but OUR responsibility
is girding him with prayer!

"Lord, I lift up our minister,
please fill Him with Your spirit!
I know You gave him a word to share,
now help us, Lord, to hear it!
Greater, cause us to respond
unto Your each command;
that life would go much easier
for us upon this land!"

"Attending church" yet one more time,
but is that all we do?
We have the responsibility
to share with others, too!
Don't let that word that you just heard
just ruminate within,
apply it to your every day
and live it amongst all men!

Too many I know rise and just show up for church out of habit.  Is that you.  The purpose is to show up and receive from God, of course, but then go unto all the world and share it!  They are dying to hear the message of the Gospel!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Hawksbill Crag

Early afternoon out in His creation.  Who could count the wonders that abound?

Early afternoon upon
the crag so very high.
Blue and white so vivid
high above me in the sky!
And covering the hills and canyon
be the spectrum whole!
October is a sight so very
gripping to the soul!

Not alone upon this crag,
but God be present here.
As I describe each color, He would
lend to me His ear.
Even words as yet unknown
are understood by Him;
His patience and attentiveness
are never to grow dim!

So beautiful--the seasons He
designed before was time;
and He seems entertained as my
set dialect would chime!
The point is, though, He listens to me
every time at all!
Even here, before this wonder
as, His Name, I call!

The color of the Ozarks in October.  I'm positive that He paints such masterpieces elsewhere, as He is the Creator of EVERYWHERE!
Enjoy the beauty of the seasons wherever you are, and don't forget to thank Him for it all!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Whole 'Nuther Place!

In reflecting and writing about places recently, tonight I am reminded of a Place that we know so little about, yet most desire to be...

That Perfect Place is on my heart,
that He spoke into being;
that Paradise that waits ahead--
too beautiful for seeing!
It is a Place He has reserved
for them that He selects:
those who Name His Son as Lord--
on it my soul reflects!

For it is my desire to
be in that perfect Place!
And I know that I will some day
when I complete the race!
He has a spot prepared for me
according to His Word
where there be only good and perfect
things to be occurred!

Have you a spot there in That Place?
Do you securely know?
But Give Him Lordship of your life
and, to That Place, you'll go!
It is so very simple to
make Jesus Lord of all;
do not let anything in this life
so complicate that call!

Heaven.  It is waiting for you if you are born again in Jesus.  So many things or people in this life would try to convince you otherwise, though.  DON'T LET THEM!  Ask Jesus into your heart today.  Not only for That Paradise ahead, but He wants to be part of your every moment even now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Know that place!

It's that time of day.  Actually, ANY time of day will do when you want to be with God.  He'll meet you there...wherever!

Seeking yet a quiet place,

that time with God, to spend;
I really only need a place,
on not much to depend.
For I know He will meet me where
I call upon His Name;
and, always, when I leave that place,
I am so glad I came!

For God is with me everywhere,
at every time at all.
And He converses with this man
but every time I call!
The situation matters not--
He always understands;
it is a sweet relationship
with very few demands.

So grateful for that quiet place
His Presence is always.
He speaks with me; He listens and
receives my deepest praise!
And He avails the same for you
because He loves you so.
My friend, make sure that quiet place
is a place that you well know!

God DESIRES your presence.  He even goes out of His way to meet you there.  Don't ever lose the desire to be there and, if you don't know where that place is, just ask Him!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Quiet Beach

A quiet day at the beach.  It is always so comforting to come to this place and enjoy His Presence!

A calm upon the ocean with
the afternoon to fade...
the gentlest of breeze exists
and, silence, it is made;
it is a time to be enjoyed
as very, very soon
will come a mighty tempest on
the beach and the lagoon.

But, in the calm so present now
reflections are so clean;
a peace that passes understanding
would the writer glean;
for with me at the ocean is
the Maker of the sea,
what joy and sweet serenity
would, in His Presence, be!

Enjoy the moments that are calm,
for sure, they do not last.
That "peace that passes all," however,
NEVER will be past!
For it is in Creator God--
the Maker of it all!
Be there a storm inside your world?
Upon His Great Name call!

A quiet day at the beach...but not in all places.  For there are some places right now that are quite stormy.  If your life is one of them, God wants to hear from You so He can see you through it.  Let Him!


Monday, October 8, 2018

The Greatest matter

As I was writing yesterday, JESUS is really all that matters.  Once you find Him, He will instruct you as to what is next.  But you must trust Him.

"You give to me such mercy and such hope.

Without Your love, Lord, can I even cope?
Without the constant flow that comes from You,
there is little that this man can do.

Jesus--You are everything and all
to any that respond unto The Call!
In this life and that one yet beyond,
we have Your word of love, we have Your bond!

No matter what arises in this place,
You vow You will not leave due Your great grace!
We cling to that as we press on ahead
into each thing that, by You, we are led!"

Jesus is the Greatest matter in this life.  Beyond politics...beyond finances...beyond relationships...Give your heart to Him and He will direct it all!
Trust Him.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Greatest Truth!

Brother Dalton brought forth The Word this morning and, as always, it was so refreshing to hear such truth!  (And so challenging!)
Many, so many, (too many?) are relying on "religion" or "denomination" these days, when God wants us to SIMPLY focus on His Word Jesus...

So far above "religion" is
relationship with Him.
That seems too simple or too scary,
so most would merely "skim."
But Christ, He wants to be our all
and everything in life,
not just a Name that we cry out
when we are facing strife!

Relationship--is that a thing
that fits into your plan?
And it's a deeper one than those
that we would share with man!
It's one that's freely given, yet
it has a greatest cost;
it calls for us to serve, to give,
and even love the lost.
It even calls for each of us
to lay aside our crown;
our weapons and our wealth, for we
must even lay them down!
But He will give us better, greater
as, to Him, we yield!
The Greatest Truth--it's knowing that,
in JESUS, we are sealed!!

It's that simple.  To many, it's too simple.  How about you?  Can you lay it all aside for only Jesus?  He is really the only One Who matters!

Friday, October 5, 2018


Shhh....over there by those trees...a momma deer and her two fawns!  And people tell me that I waste time going out to spend time in God's creation?!

So beautiful, so fragile,
so wonderful to view!
A deer is grazing quietly
accompanied by her two.
Most around here would grab their gun,
others would grab their lens;
and then there are the ones like me
who grab their pads and pens!
Just there across the meadow,
before the little hill
is such a sight unto the writer
it brings such a thrill!
Too many just pass by, taking
for granted fragile life,
as, in these parts, such animals
they are so very rife.
But not the writer--for he treasures
treasures such as these!
And I watch them until they disappear
just there beneath the trees.
Don't ever take for granted that
which God creates by hand;
for there will come a day and time
when you will understand.

Deer.  Just one of the many species of wildlife that we have around here to watch and enjoy.  You don't have the time to?  Perhaps your life is too full of less important "things."

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The True Refuge

Busy...busy...busy.  Such is life.  And then life happens and you're not able to be busy at all!  But you know what?  God still remains God, His love does not fail, and you are still the apple of His eye!

Continuing to do as we are called--
even when the same produces pain.
Regardless of the hindrances abounding,
Jesus Christ yet guarantees our gain!
As long as we keep Him before all other,
He will keep us safe inside His hands;
even if we briefly get distracted,
He assures us that He understands!

The Straight and Narrow keep we yet before us.
Even when this life attempts distract.
We know His Promise and all He has for us,
and, upon such, He fails not to act!
Whatever be the mountain set before you,
keep pressing forward, one step at a time.
Again, He knows and fully understands us,
and He will see that we complete the climb!

Life is busy.  Life is frustrating.  Life hurts!  But it is STILL good and He is in complete control!  Lean even harder into Him at such times as these so that you are living in HIS strength and not your own!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Full steam ahead!!

Signs of the times: people using any means they can to try to get ahead.  But what about "integrity?"

The road unto prosperity--

let's go!  Full steam ahead!
Success is at the end of it
for those who are so led.
But what if someone's in our way?
Do we just "mow them down?"
And how are we to know if it
is part of gaining ground?

The road unto prosperity--
but what cost to exact?
We must learn to arrive with our
integrity intact!
Too many reach prosperity
and do not count the cost.
The same--for they be unaware
that true success was lost.

The road unto prosperity--

it is a path that's led;
and that success will linger if
it's Jesus at the head!
All else to be futility
and fleeting before you know.
Give Christ the lead and, heart-felt wealth,
will very truly show!

I've seen it before.  You've seen it before.  It's everywhere around: people trying to get ahead using any means they can...even illegal.  BUT GOD has true success and He will gladly see that you have it IF you follow His lead.


Monday, October 1, 2018


I blew it.  I screwed up.  I came up short of what was/is expected of me.  What now?  No one else even saw it, but I must find a place where I can obtain peace and attempt to recover.
Is your church that kind of place?

Found out by the very ones

who looked up to this man.
It was such a little matter, getting
caught was not a plan.
"Confess your faults one to another,"
so the Bible states;
but can I go to church and find
another who relates?
Then what of those out in the world?
Unto where shall they go?

"We cannot have that kind of person
in our midst, you know!"
But Jesus welcomed such as these,
and even loved them, too;
what would the seeker think or say
of such as me and you?

I know that God's forgiven me

and offers me embrace.
If I confess this to my brother
will that be the case?
Harder questions for the hearts
of those He calls His Own.
When I come talk to you will it be
Jesus' grace that's known?

Each and every one of us has made mistakes.  Some of us continue to make mistakes.  Does loving and accepting me fit into your theology?  I sure hope so!