Sunday, September 2, 2018

"Where are You?"

At times, we all get frustrated.  Sometimes, even with God.  Fortunately, being the Loving Father that He is, He understands those times...
"Where are You when the words cannot be found?
You are inside and everywhere around...
Where are You when I cannot hear Your voice?
You're with me and You'll cause me to rejoice...
Where are You when the pain becomes so great?
You are holding me because You do relate...
Where are You when such questions do arise?
You're providing me with what no money buys!

I know that I am Yours, oh Lord,

I know that You are mine;
I know there will be suffering,
I know that I may whine;
but You don't see it like that, Lord,
You hear and You respond!
I am a child of Yours and, of me,
You are very fond!

Where are You in the trials of this life?

You have my hand and take me through the strife.
For You will never, ever leave this man;
and You give me what no one ever can!
I know the suffering--it will not last;
but for a season and it will be passed.
And in Your Presence I will always be,
no matter what this life may do to me!"

Yes, God understands those times: the pain...the frustration...the silence...the rejection.  How blessed we are to have a Father Who KNOWS everything we are going through and will never leave us nor forsake us!


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