Monday, September 3, 2018

What kind of Day?

Seasons changing...again.  Time goes on, and God continues to be God and provide in so many aspects of our lives!

The bluest sky is spotted with
so many fluffy clouds...
intermittently, the same,
the very sun enshrouds...
summer spends its final days
heating up the land,
while all of living sings God's praise
for the workings of His hand!

So fortunate, the ones who notice
life as life goes by;
we know that He provides this life--
on Him do we rely!
He is so very faithful to
provide variety
in the days that come and go,
and He's good to such as we!

"Thank You, Father, for this day
and what it does contain;
even if those days may bring some
temporary pain;
You are aware of ALL of it,
thus, on You, we depend.
Yes, thank You for another day,
my Father and my Friend!"

It was so beautiful here today.  It was not so beautiful in other places, but God was/is still there, and He remains in control.  Submit your each day to Him and just watch what He can do with it!

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