Friday, September 21, 2018


In the days that are, you hear folks talk about how 'unfair' life is.  May I remind you of Someone Who went through this life and was treated worse than us, yet spent His all for us...

"O blessed be the certainty
we have in You, oh Lord!
All the many benefits
Your Presence does afford!
"Things" that may not be obtained
in any other place;
benefits provided due
to Your abundant grace!

But not just for the "things" do we
commit to serve You, Lord.
We do so 'cause we know, by You,
we're favored and adored!
You are the only One we choose
to worship and to praise!
It's unto You alone that we,
our arms and voices raise!

Blest assurance in You, Jesus,
and the Blood You shed!
We gather in Your holy Name,
declaring You as Head!
No other gods before You,
You have the highest place
as we express our gratitude
for Your abundant grace!"

Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful gift from God!  What a beautiful part of living!  Yes, Jesus can make life beautiful.  Just give Him the opportunity!

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