Sunday, September 30, 2018

The True Vine

So rife is God's Word with allegories.  However, so pertinent they be to life in the days that are.  The pastor focused on one this morning...

Connected to The Vine,
there is so much that's mine!
There's so much I possess
because He comes to bless!
But because there is so much,
there is many I must touch
with what I say and do:
a charge...a debt...a due.
The same, though, comes with joy!
His love must I employ
to them that know it not,
(or who may have forgot.)
I do so for HIS sake.
Jesus' love to take
unto the world around
that their life may abound!

Are you connected too?
We have a job to do.
And time, it will not stop--
lest it's said from the Top!
Go boldly.  Do your best.
Love all men and be blessed!
With love you have obtained
make sure someone has gained!

Jesus is the Vine.  We are the branches.  Branch out, therefore, and spread His life wherever and whenever you can.  For no man knows exactly how much time is left to do so!

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