Saturday, September 15, 2018

That Most Valuable Book

The Bible.
Too often, we find ourselves only opening it when we go to church or, worse, only when disaster strikes.  But the Word of God is living and applicable to EVERY DAY of our lives!  Don't waste it!!

How great is Him Who grants relief
from all that life contains!
How powerful--the Blood of Him
that overcomes all pains!
How beautiful is THE Creator
of all life itself!
How criminal to have His Word
and leave it on the shelf!!

The Word of God--it's so alive
and pertinent each day!
Avail yourself and read it! Yes,
find what He has to say!
I promise you will find the answers
to what you go through!
I promise He will change your heart,
and give you proper view!

The Word of God...but open it!
Don't save it just for Sunday!
Its life is vital and applies
to each and EVERY day!
See Him in each chapter,
every verse and every line!
Jesus IS The Living Word--
in Him, a precious mine!

Yes, a gem for every moment, every occasion, every person.  Stop saving it for one or two days a week and start knowing the Life that It is CONSTANTLY!

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