Thursday, September 20, 2018

Shining Light

First thing upon rising.  Step out onto the deck and look out over the land.  Faithful God.  He's done it again...

In the earliest of light
life to seem so still;
the contrast and the hues, however,
be a glorious thrill!
Even life is singing in
the cool before the day,
and omnipresent be The Lord--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

He has a plan already for
how this whole day will go.
How many, though, will make the time
to seek His face and know?
The writer does as he beholds
the living in the light,
and, in ALL He has created, would
I take such great delight!

Sweet morning--before "busyness"
has opportunity!
The colors of creation, over
coffee, talk do We.
Before does start the "schedule"
of all that must go on;
time with Jesus, precious time,
here in the early dawn!

If you could only see the way the early sun is illuminating the flowers and trees right now!  It's amazing!  It's always amazing, and it's available to all who avail this time to Him!

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