Saturday, September 8, 2018


No matter what field of work we choose, it's all service.
The question is: What kind of servant will you be?

"You put me where I am for a reason.
You do the very same for everyman.
You put us in the fire for a season,
become a better servant, so we can.
If we do so willingly and with heart,
You will see to every award;
if we do so begrudgingly and bucking,
what glory be there for us or You, Lord?

So vast and varied are the occupations.
Opportunities abound at every hand.
But if we are unhappy or ungrateful,
getting up each day becomes "demand."
For You have given everyone a talent
we are to use to gain and glorify.
Oh may we take that talent, Lord, and use it,
for Your great cause and not what's in our eye?"

Yes, you have a gift of service.  Every one of us does!  Do it with everything that is in you and do not hold back!  A "paycheck" may not reflect it, but you will surely be greatly rewarded!

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