Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Peace Regardless

That still, small Voice.  How wonderful and comforting it is at all times...not just when the storm is raging!

Once again to savor perfect peace.

For it is NOT the absence of all strife;
for it IS the Presence of my God Almighty;
He is The One True Peace here in this life!

Blessed be the peace amidst the madness...

blessed be the peace amidst the storm...
blessed be His Name--for it is JESUS--
the only One that can, the heart, transform!

Peace--in spite of what may be transpiring...

peace--in spite of that which is to come...
Peace--for it is given by Him freely;
Oh call upon the Lord to get you some!

Oh, the peace of God.  It is available, even when the storm is raging!  Even when every network is focused on it, you can still have peace as you follow that still, small Voice.

Please join us in prayer for those in the paths of these storms.

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