Sunday, September 23, 2018

More Life

As I wrote yesterday, life is hard.  BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  And God is aware of EVERYTHING about it...

"You know exactly what we feel,
You've been through it before;
The joy, elation, stress or pain,
You know of it and more!
And You relate so well to every
thing that we go through.
O God, without Your mighty Presence,
what, what would we do?!
For You know each step we must take,
(the ones we even dread.)
The worse ones in this life, oh Lord,
You've taken in our stead!
We are so very grateful for
the Comfort that You are;
and this we know: with EVERY step,
You are not very far!

You are the very Comforter,
in You we are secure.
Only in You, Jesus, can we,
all this life, endure!
You even see that we enjoy
some steps along the way;
thank You for this life, and YOU--
The Truth, the Life, the Way!"

No matter what situation you are facing or you find yourself in, there is someone out there going through something worse, and there is someone that wishes that they were you.
Don't ever lose sight of how blessed you are to belong to the Most High God!

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