Thursday, September 13, 2018


Life.  all of us who live life experience storms along the way.  God said it would be that way, but He does NOT leave us to weather the storm alone!

The lighthouse is still standing,
in spite of all the blast!
Those that so require guidance
must but only cast;
and them that need a dose of strength
can do the very same;
regardless of the storm, the lighthouse
stands firm and aflame.

The Lighthouse is still standing,
in spite of ANY blast!
His name is Jesus.  He is present,
future and all past.
No matter what is in your life
He's standing there for you;
in the weakness, storm or trial
He remains in view!

Yes, Jesus is the Lighthouse.
Direction He provides.
Even strength unto the one
that, in Him, so confides!
If you are tossed about by life
and cannot see too well,
just look unto The Lighthouse--
trust His guidance to compel!

No matter what kind of storm is going on in your life, Jesus is available, able and willing to see you through it.  I have learned that He will either deliver us from the storm, or He will deliver us through the storm.

Just don't give up!

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