Friday, September 7, 2018

Life Calling

One must do this every now and then as to not get overwhelmed in this life.
And to where do I escape?  To the Presence of God, of course!

"Once again, to bask inside Your Presence.
Life may follow, but it cannot affect.
For it is necessary for to be here
to rest, to worship You, Lord, and reflect.
The busier the world is becoming,
the more is necessary Your retreat!
And I know, when I return from Your sweet presence,
I will be whole, restored and, yes, complete!

For there is not another Place like Your arms;
for nothing "manufactured" can replace
the restoration that comes with Your Presence--
what love, what peace, what overwhelming grace!
Restored, I can return unto Your calling
for that which this man was created for:
to give of that which people are in need of,
knowing that You will fill me yet once more!"

Life is busy.  Life is hectic.  LIFE IS GOOD!  And with Jesus in your heart, life has purpose, meaning and calling.  Find that life and live it to the fullest!

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