Sunday, September 9, 2018

It's MY Decision

Each of us are going to get hurt by someone else at some point in this life.  What then?  Some of us have been hurt many times in this life.  We still have to take a certain step...

"O the freedom we enjoy when we forgive!
It is a very crucial key to live.
I cannot be liberated until then,
regardless what "appears" to other men.

For You and I both know if I forgave.
Jesus came, my very soul to save:
salvation from the bondage of the curse!
Will I choose the better or the worse?
One may not even care they did me wrong,
but I decide the verses of the song!
And if I want life's rhythm and its rhyme
I MUST forgive but each and every time!

Yes, the freedom and the liberty
inside as I DECIDE to set them free!
It is a thing nobody else can do;
and it is only possible with You!

I have to let it go
Your victory to know,
Your healings to receive;
God help me let it leave!"

Do you know that freedom yet?  You can.  You should!  Whatever it is that grinds away at you, let it go!  It's not doing you any good, and the others may not even know or care about what happened.  It's YOUR decision.

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