Saturday, September 22, 2018

It's Hard!

We have prayed about it...we saw the doctors....they did all that they what?
Now what?  One of the hardest things to do as a Christian: WAIT.

Trusting and obeying,

expecting God to act.
He will not say how long to wait
so how do we react?
We have the diagnosis and
we know the symptoms well;
but what else can we do,
the hand of God, for to compel?

For He is moving all the while,
His hand is never still;
we know the outcome that WE want,
but what about HIS will?
What if His answer is not quite
the thing that we expect?
We must continue to obey-
He will NOT disconnect!

Easy words to write about,
another thing to live!
We know, however, God is good,
and good things He will give.
It may not be what we expect,
or even our desire,
but He knows what is best for us,
so trust Him in entire.

As I said, it's so easy to talk about, write about or even preach on, it's a whole 'nother thing when it is us that must do the waiting, trusting and obeying.  Thank God for His wondrous GRACE!

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