Monday, September 17, 2018

How far do we go?

The telephone rings.  We go to the hospital to find a friend...only to find that they have not been taking care of themselves.
What do we do then?

"What lengths to go, Lord, to determine 'neighbor?'

How far do I extend myself in such?
I know that You are aware of limitations,
but show us, Father, how far to take your touch.

I've done all that I know I can think of;
I've even prayed and followed, Lord, Your lead;
But God, if they will not receive or listen,
what are we to do that they would heed?

But lift them up to You in prayer one more time,
and follow what Your Spirit leads us to do.
O please turn them from the path that they insist on,
that they would know the victories in You!"

Ministering to others...only to find that they refuse to accept the help you give.  We've done what we can.  We've done what God told us to no avail, it seems.  Do we give up on them?  But Jesus never gave up on us!  It's frustrating.
Sometimes, we just have to release them, and KNOW that God will do what needs to be done.

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