Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hope here and There!

The precious hope we have in this life if we belong to Him!  (Some days, it is only His hope and grace that can get us through!)  However, it is not only for this life, but there is Paradise awaiting beyond if you are saved...

The grace of God to rest upon you,

shine upon your day!
The favor of Him fill your life,
directing your each way!
So necessary be that grace
here in the days that are--
so proving to us His return
cannot be very far!

His grace and favor in a world

that spurns His very Name!
They even create their own "gods,"
much to their own shame!
Be not deceived!  Be not shaken
as you go your way;
for JESUS is the One, True God,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And HIS grace, it will rest on you
as you are pressing on
knowing this: the trials that are,
for one day they'll be gone!
His favor then to overflow
as we obtain That Place
where no more trials will exist,
because of His great Grace!

Yes, no more trials.  Only Paradise under the Kingship of Jesus Christ!  Think on that as you press on in the place where He has put you!


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