Friday, September 28, 2018

Higher thoughts

As we toil and grind at what this life has dealt to us, in our hearts we must never lose sight of what God has awaiting us!

Too wonderful for even poet's tongue...
more beautiful than any song that's sung...
more glorious than any sight we know...
more--much more God has yet to bestow!

He told us of the trials of this life:
the grief...the labor...and the endless strife;
but He promised He would never leave our sides-
in fact, inside our hearts He so abides!
And He promised that there is a Place beyond,
awaiting them that, of Him, are so fond!
Paradise for all eternity;
in that place, is it you that I will see?

The days that we are in will improve not.
Therefore, a blessed assurance we have got!
Assurance that He has another Place,
it is availed alone through Jesus' grace!
O be there with me for eternity!
Ask Him to be your Savior and you'll see!
For He will cause you to have perfect peace
regardless of what this life may release!

Never lose sight of the fact that, whatever trial you may be going through, it is only temporary!  And this place that we are in CANNOT compare to that Paradise that He has prepared for them that belong to Him!


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