Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Good Life

God has so much GOOD in store for each of us!  He WANTS the best for each of us.  Our trouble is, when something "bad" comes along, we immediately look at Him and wonder if He really does.

"You are so very good to us,
Your mercy so reflects;
but that does not make us immune
to "life" and its affects!
Everything is going well,
we prosper and advance,
but when a challenge comes along
we give You doubting glance!

You are the same yesterday,
today and evermore.
You promised in Your word that there
is Paradise in store!
You even said that You are with us
each and every day;
why, then, when there's lack or pain,
does our view of You sway?

I know that You are in control,
I know that You provide;
I also know that, life in this world,
has a painful side!
That doesn't change Your Word at all,
and it does not change You;
nor does it hinder my commitment,
Lord, to follow through!

This life--it is imperfect;
life There--for it is not!
and I will cling to You, in spite
of what this life has got!"

I admonish you again: KEEP PRESSING ON!  It may hurt, it may abuse, it may even kill you, but there is a perfect, painless life waiting for you when it is over and we are in the Presence of God!

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