Thursday, September 27, 2018

Don't fear the darkness!

A few days ago, I wrote about how God often leaves us in the dark about what He is going to do next.  I also implore you not to fear.  Think about how many wonders there are that can only be seen if we are in the dark...

The planets and the constellations,
all immune from time...
the stars and all the galaxies--
wonders, so sublime!
One and only One is there
that could create each one,
and He is also at our side
until the task is done!

How many even make the time
to see the evening sky?
Reality is there that He
so cares for you and I!
If God can put such detail into
that so far away,
just think of all He'll do for YOU
if you ask Him today!

Created He creation for us
in which to delight;
He also made of it a tool
to help us in our plight:
He cares about the slightest detail
of each of our lives!
He is concerned that, at His Heaven,
each of us arrives!

Take a moment this evening, just you and God.  Go somewhere where you can look at the vast expanse and behold the glory of the night sky.  Then realize that, as eternal and beautiful as that is, He cares even more about you and your soul!

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