Monday, September 24, 2018


Does that word trouble you?  Do you attempt to avoid it, seeking only what you are already secure with?  If so, I assure you, God has so much more for you!

In the stillness, in the silence,
in the darkest night,
there be no need to fear at all
for Jesus is The Light!
The path will He illuminate,
the future, He'll reveal;
we must but trust Him and obey
to know such truth for real.

Are you in the darkness as to
what your steps should be?
Tell Him!  And, secure direction,
show to you will He!
He has a perfect plan already
for your life each day;
but you must submit to Him
and let Him lead the way.

Yea, there is NO darkness with
the Lord alive inside!
His Living Truth to be your beacon
and your constant guide!
He will not disappoint you as
you give to Him your all;
set your "self" aside and purpose
to obey His call!

His calling.  It is Light availed unto every human being.  Will you obey?  It is an adventure that you cannot even begin to imagine!  GO FOR IT!!

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