Saturday, September 29, 2018


A busy week behind...
A much needed respite before me.  Behold it with me:

Watching as the breakers crash
from high atop a knoll;
I had to come here once again
to soothe my busy soul.
God uses oft the ocean to
refocus and restore;
for only one regret have I:
I am not on that shore!

But here have I a greater range,
the vision for to scan
of that so very beautiful--
created by no man!
And from this height, I see the different
movements of the sea;
but all of it to point to HIM--
the sole Creator He!

So wonderful--the peace that as
as afternoon goes by
next to the mighty ocean,
underneath a bluest sky!
Great and mighty is our God
for sharing His creation;
and most generous is He
to call us His relation!

I needed this.  This time away from everything and inside His palm.  You need time like this, as well.  And there is a locale for it not far away from any of you.  It's up to us to go there.  God's already waiting.

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