Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Changing again

Seasons changing...again.  Just open your eyes and heart and take it all in!

A treat unto the very eyes
but everywhere they're cast;
we must but savor each new day-
for soon it will be passed!
And in the early of the autumn
colors are enjoyed;
God has His paintbrush in His hand,
His palette be employed!

Take notice of His glory as

each day becomes anew.
For never be "the same old thing"
if we take such a view!
He provided every shade
illuminated now;
tomorrow, He will do it new
as only He knows how.

A treat not only to the eyes,

but to the heart, as well.
Take time to speak to Him and,
your appreciation, tell!
He listens to you anyway,
why not acknowledge Him?
Look for Him always and, your sight,
it will not ever dim!

The changing of the season is not always visible.  God often moves us from one season in life to another...if we allow Him to.  A lot of us don't like change!  But rest assured that God is in complete control...even of the seasons!

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