Friday, September 14, 2018

Can I help?

Once again, a busy day in a busy world.  We all have tasks to do all around us.  At the same time, there are lives all around us with needs.  Did you come across any today?

So many people, needing something-
did you notice that?
There are so many ways to serve
no matter where you're at!
Some needs are so apparent as
we go about our day;
other needs, much deeper ones,
are not always on display.

Someone saved a life today
with just a gentle touch;
another life was changed by talking,
(and that not too much;)
another was affected as
someone gave them a smile;
we touch each other as live-
ministering all the while.

So many needy people-
we have what they need!
Just listen to that Still, Small voice
inside you and take heed.
He put us here for one another-
all different, yet the same;
He put us here to minister
and magnify His Name!

That man that needed a smile today--did you notice him?
that person that needed someone to buy them lunch--did you notice them?
We cannot do everything for everyone, but each of us can do something for someone...if we obey that "tugging of our heart" by Holy Spirit.
Can you hear Him?

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