Sunday, September 30, 2018

The True Vine

So rife is God's Word with allegories.  However, so pertinent they be to life in the days that are.  The pastor focused on one this morning...

Connected to The Vine,
there is so much that's mine!
There's so much I possess
because He comes to bless!
But because there is so much,
there is many I must touch
with what I say and do:
a charge...a debt...a due.
The same, though, comes with joy!
His love must I employ
to them that know it not,
(or who may have forgot.)
I do so for HIS sake.
Jesus' love to take
unto the world around
that their life may abound!

Are you connected too?
We have a job to do.
And time, it will not stop--
lest it's said from the Top!
Go boldly.  Do your best.
Love all men and be blessed!
With love you have obtained
make sure someone has gained!

Jesus is the Vine.  We are the branches.  Branch out, therefore, and spread His life wherever and whenever you can.  For no man knows exactly how much time is left to do so!

Saturday, September 29, 2018


A busy week behind...
A much needed respite before me.  Behold it with me:

Watching as the breakers crash
from high atop a knoll;
I had to come here once again
to soothe my busy soul.
God uses oft the ocean to
refocus and restore;
for only one regret have I:
I am not on that shore!

But here have I a greater range,
the vision for to scan
of that so very beautiful--
created by no man!
And from this height, I see the different
movements of the sea;
but all of it to point to HIM--
the sole Creator He!

So wonderful--the peace that as
as afternoon goes by
next to the mighty ocean,
underneath a bluest sky!
Great and mighty is our God
for sharing His creation;
and most generous is He
to call us His relation!

I needed this.  This time away from everything and inside His palm.  You need time like this, as well.  And there is a locale for it not far away from any of you.  It's up to us to go there.  God's already waiting.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Higher thoughts

As we toil and grind at what this life has dealt to us, in our hearts we must never lose sight of what God has awaiting us!

Too wonderful for even poet's tongue...
more beautiful than any song that's sung...
more glorious than any sight we know...
more--much more God has yet to bestow!

He told us of the trials of this life:
the grief...the labor...and the endless strife;
but He promised He would never leave our sides-
in fact, inside our hearts He so abides!
And He promised that there is a Place beyond,
awaiting them that, of Him, are so fond!
Paradise for all eternity;
in that place, is it you that I will see?

The days that we are in will improve not.
Therefore, a blessed assurance we have got!
Assurance that He has another Place,
it is availed alone through Jesus' grace!
O be there with me for eternity!
Ask Him to be your Savior and you'll see!
For He will cause you to have perfect peace
regardless of what this life may release!

Never lose sight of the fact that, whatever trial you may be going through, it is only temporary!  And this place that we are in CANNOT compare to that Paradise that He has prepared for them that belong to Him!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Don't fear the darkness!

A few days ago, I wrote about how God often leaves us in the dark about what He is going to do next.  I also implore you not to fear.  Think about how many wonders there are that can only be seen if we are in the dark...

The planets and the constellations,
all immune from time...
the stars and all the galaxies--
wonders, so sublime!
One and only One is there
that could create each one,
and He is also at our side
until the task is done!

How many even make the time
to see the evening sky?
Reality is there that He
so cares for you and I!
If God can put such detail into
that so far away,
just think of all He'll do for YOU
if you ask Him today!

Created He creation for us
in which to delight;
He also made of it a tool
to help us in our plight:
He cares about the slightest detail
of each of our lives!
He is concerned that, at His Heaven,
each of us arrives!

Take a moment this evening, just you and God.  Go somewhere where you can look at the vast expanse and behold the glory of the night sky.  Then realize that, as eternal and beautiful as that is, He cares even more about you and your soul!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Changing again

Seasons changing...again.  Just open your eyes and heart and take it all in!

A treat unto the very eyes
but everywhere they're cast;
we must but savor each new day-
for soon it will be passed!
And in the early of the autumn
colors are enjoyed;
God has His paintbrush in His hand,
His palette be employed!

Take notice of His glory as

each day becomes anew.
For never be "the same old thing"
if we take such a view!
He provided every shade
illuminated now;
tomorrow, He will do it new
as only He knows how.

A treat not only to the eyes,

but to the heart, as well.
Take time to speak to Him and,
your appreciation, tell!
He listens to you anyway,
why not acknowledge Him?
Look for Him always and, your sight,
it will not ever dim!

The changing of the season is not always visible.  God often moves us from one season in life to another...if we allow Him to.  A lot of us don't like change!  But rest assured that God is in complete control...even of the seasons!

Monday, September 24, 2018


Does that word trouble you?  Do you attempt to avoid it, seeking only what you are already secure with?  If so, I assure you, God has so much more for you!

In the stillness, in the silence,
in the darkest night,
there be no need to fear at all
for Jesus is The Light!
The path will He illuminate,
the future, He'll reveal;
we must but trust Him and obey
to know such truth for real.

Are you in the darkness as to
what your steps should be?
Tell Him!  And, secure direction,
show to you will He!
He has a perfect plan already
for your life each day;
but you must submit to Him
and let Him lead the way.

Yea, there is NO darkness with
the Lord alive inside!
His Living Truth to be your beacon
and your constant guide!
He will not disappoint you as
you give to Him your all;
set your "self" aside and purpose
to obey His call!

His calling.  It is Light availed unto every human being.  Will you obey?  It is an adventure that you cannot even begin to imagine!  GO FOR IT!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

More Life

As I wrote yesterday, life is hard.  BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  And God is aware of EVERYTHING about it...

"You know exactly what we feel,
You've been through it before;
The joy, elation, stress or pain,
You know of it and more!
And You relate so well to every
thing that we go through.
O God, without Your mighty Presence,
what, what would we do?!
For You know each step we must take,
(the ones we even dread.)
The worse ones in this life, oh Lord,
You've taken in our stead!
We are so very grateful for
the Comfort that You are;
and this we know: with EVERY step,
You are not very far!

You are the very Comforter,
in You we are secure.
Only in You, Jesus, can we,
all this life, endure!
You even see that we enjoy
some steps along the way;
thank You for this life, and YOU--
The Truth, the Life, the Way!"

No matter what situation you are facing or you find yourself in, there is someone out there going through something worse, and there is someone that wishes that they were you.
Don't ever lose sight of how blessed you are to belong to the Most High God!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

It's Hard!

We have prayed about it...we saw the doctors....they did all that they what?
Now what?  One of the hardest things to do as a Christian: WAIT.

Trusting and obeying,

expecting God to act.
He will not say how long to wait
so how do we react?
We have the diagnosis and
we know the symptoms well;
but what else can we do,
the hand of God, for to compel?

For He is moving all the while,
His hand is never still;
we know the outcome that WE want,
but what about HIS will?
What if His answer is not quite
the thing that we expect?
We must continue to obey-
He will NOT disconnect!

Easy words to write about,
another thing to live!
We know, however, God is good,
and good things He will give.
It may not be what we expect,
or even our desire,
but He knows what is best for us,
so trust Him in entire.

As I said, it's so easy to talk about, write about or even preach on, it's a whole 'nother thing when it is us that must do the waiting, trusting and obeying.  Thank God for His wondrous GRACE!

Friday, September 21, 2018


In the days that are, you hear folks talk about how 'unfair' life is.  May I remind you of Someone Who went through this life and was treated worse than us, yet spent His all for us...

"O blessed be the certainty
we have in You, oh Lord!
All the many benefits
Your Presence does afford!
"Things" that may not be obtained
in any other place;
benefits provided due
to Your abundant grace!

But not just for the "things" do we
commit to serve You, Lord.
We do so 'cause we know, by You,
we're favored and adored!
You are the only One we choose
to worship and to praise!
It's unto You alone that we,
our arms and voices raise!

Blest assurance in You, Jesus,
and the Blood You shed!
We gather in Your holy Name,
declaring You as Head!
No other gods before You,
You have the highest place
as we express our gratitude
for Your abundant grace!"

Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful gift from God!  What a beautiful part of living!  Yes, Jesus can make life beautiful.  Just give Him the opportunity!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Shining Light

First thing upon rising.  Step out onto the deck and look out over the land.  Faithful God.  He's done it again...

In the earliest of light
life to seem so still;
the contrast and the hues, however,
be a glorious thrill!
Even life is singing in
the cool before the day,
and omnipresent be The Lord--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

He has a plan already for
how this whole day will go.
How many, though, will make the time
to seek His face and know?
The writer does as he beholds
the living in the light,
and, in ALL He has created, would
I take such great delight!

Sweet morning--before "busyness"
has opportunity!
The colors of creation, over
coffee, talk do We.
Before does start the "schedule"
of all that must go on;
time with Jesus, precious time,
here in the early dawn!

If you could only see the way the early sun is illuminating the flowers and trees right now!  It's amazing!  It's always amazing, and it's available to all who avail this time to Him!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hope here and There!

The precious hope we have in this life if we belong to Him!  (Some days, it is only His hope and grace that can get us through!)  However, it is not only for this life, but there is Paradise awaiting beyond if you are saved...

The grace of God to rest upon you,

shine upon your day!
The favor of Him fill your life,
directing your each way!
So necessary be that grace
here in the days that are--
so proving to us His return
cannot be very far!

His grace and favor in a world

that spurns His very Name!
They even create their own "gods,"
much to their own shame!
Be not deceived!  Be not shaken
as you go your way;
for JESUS is the One, True God,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And HIS grace, it will rest on you
as you are pressing on
knowing this: the trials that are,
for one day they'll be gone!
His favor then to overflow
as we obtain That Place
where no more trials will exist,
because of His great Grace!

Yes, no more trials.  Only Paradise under the Kingship of Jesus Christ!  Think on that as you press on in the place where He has put you!


Monday, September 17, 2018

How far do we go?

The telephone rings.  We go to the hospital to find a friend...only to find that they have not been taking care of themselves.
What do we do then?

"What lengths to go, Lord, to determine 'neighbor?'

How far do I extend myself in such?
I know that You are aware of limitations,
but show us, Father, how far to take your touch.

I've done all that I know I can think of;
I've even prayed and followed, Lord, Your lead;
But God, if they will not receive or listen,
what are we to do that they would heed?

But lift them up to You in prayer one more time,
and follow what Your Spirit leads us to do.
O please turn them from the path that they insist on,
that they would know the victories in You!"

Ministering to others...only to find that they refuse to accept the help you give.  We've done what we can.  We've done what God told us to no avail, it seems.  Do we give up on them?  But Jesus never gave up on us!  It's frustrating.
Sometimes, we just have to release them, and KNOW that God will do what needs to be done.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

That Most Valuable Book

The Bible.
Too often, we find ourselves only opening it when we go to church or, worse, only when disaster strikes.  But the Word of God is living and applicable to EVERY DAY of our lives!  Don't waste it!!

How great is Him Who grants relief
from all that life contains!
How powerful--the Blood of Him
that overcomes all pains!
How beautiful is THE Creator
of all life itself!
How criminal to have His Word
and leave it on the shelf!!

The Word of God--it's so alive
and pertinent each day!
Avail yourself and read it! Yes,
find what He has to say!
I promise you will find the answers
to what you go through!
I promise He will change your heart,
and give you proper view!

The Word of God...but open it!
Don't save it just for Sunday!
Its life is vital and applies
to each and EVERY day!
See Him in each chapter,
every verse and every line!
Jesus IS The Living Word--
in Him, a precious mine!

Yes, a gem for every moment, every occasion, every person.  Stop saving it for one or two days a week and start knowing the Life that It is CONSTANTLY!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Can I help?

Once again, a busy day in a busy world.  We all have tasks to do all around us.  At the same time, there are lives all around us with needs.  Did you come across any today?

So many people, needing something-
did you notice that?
There are so many ways to serve
no matter where you're at!
Some needs are so apparent as
we go about our day;
other needs, much deeper ones,
are not always on display.

Someone saved a life today
with just a gentle touch;
another life was changed by talking,
(and that not too much;)
another was affected as
someone gave them a smile;
we touch each other as live-
ministering all the while.

So many needy people-
we have what they need!
Just listen to that Still, Small voice
inside you and take heed.
He put us here for one another-
all different, yet the same;
He put us here to minister
and magnify His Name!

That man that needed a smile today--did you notice him?
that person that needed someone to buy them lunch--did you notice them?
We cannot do everything for everyone, but each of us can do something for someone...if we obey that "tugging of our heart" by Holy Spirit.
Can you hear Him?

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Life.  all of us who live life experience storms along the way.  God said it would be that way, but He does NOT leave us to weather the storm alone!

The lighthouse is still standing,
in spite of all the blast!
Those that so require guidance
must but only cast;
and them that need a dose of strength
can do the very same;
regardless of the storm, the lighthouse
stands firm and aflame.

The Lighthouse is still standing,
in spite of ANY blast!
His name is Jesus.  He is present,
future and all past.
No matter what is in your life
He's standing there for you;
in the weakness, storm or trial
He remains in view!

Yes, Jesus is the Lighthouse.
Direction He provides.
Even strength unto the one
that, in Him, so confides!
If you are tossed about by life
and cannot see too well,
just look unto The Lighthouse--
trust His guidance to compel!

No matter what kind of storm is going on in your life, Jesus is available, able and willing to see you through it.  I have learned that He will either deliver us from the storm, or He will deliver us through the storm.

Just don't give up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Peace Regardless

That still, small Voice.  How wonderful and comforting it is at all times...not just when the storm is raging!

Once again to savor perfect peace.

For it is NOT the absence of all strife;
for it IS the Presence of my God Almighty;
He is The One True Peace here in this life!

Blessed be the peace amidst the madness...

blessed be the peace amidst the storm...
blessed be His Name--for it is JESUS--
the only One that can, the heart, transform!

Peace--in spite of what may be transpiring...

peace--in spite of that which is to come...
Peace--for it is given by Him freely;
Oh call upon the Lord to get you some!

Oh, the peace of God.  It is available, even when the storm is raging!  Even when every network is focused on it, you can still have peace as you follow that still, small Voice.

Please join us in prayer for those in the paths of these storms.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

It's MY Decision

Each of us are going to get hurt by someone else at some point in this life.  What then?  Some of us have been hurt many times in this life.  We still have to take a certain step...

"O the freedom we enjoy when we forgive!
It is a very crucial key to live.
I cannot be liberated until then,
regardless what "appears" to other men.

For You and I both know if I forgave.
Jesus came, my very soul to save:
salvation from the bondage of the curse!
Will I choose the better or the worse?
One may not even care they did me wrong,
but I decide the verses of the song!
And if I want life's rhythm and its rhyme
I MUST forgive but each and every time!

Yes, the freedom and the liberty
inside as I DECIDE to set them free!
It is a thing nobody else can do;
and it is only possible with You!

I have to let it go
Your victory to know,
Your healings to receive;
God help me let it leave!"

Do you know that freedom yet?  You can.  You should!  Whatever it is that grinds away at you, let it go!  It's not doing you any good, and the others may not even know or care about what happened.  It's YOUR decision.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


No matter what field of work we choose, it's all service.
The question is: What kind of servant will you be?

"You put me where I am for a reason.
You do the very same for everyman.
You put us in the fire for a season,
become a better servant, so we can.
If we do so willingly and with heart,
You will see to every award;
if we do so begrudgingly and bucking,
what glory be there for us or You, Lord?

So vast and varied are the occupations.
Opportunities abound at every hand.
But if we are unhappy or ungrateful,
getting up each day becomes "demand."
For You have given everyone a talent
we are to use to gain and glorify.
Oh may we take that talent, Lord, and use it,
for Your great cause and not what's in our eye?"

Yes, you have a gift of service.  Every one of us does!  Do it with everything that is in you and do not hold back!  A "paycheck" may not reflect it, but you will surely be greatly rewarded!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Life Calling

One must do this every now and then as to not get overwhelmed in this life.
And to where do I escape?  To the Presence of God, of course!

"Once again, to bask inside Your Presence.
Life may follow, but it cannot affect.
For it is necessary for to be here
to rest, to worship You, Lord, and reflect.
The busier the world is becoming,
the more is necessary Your retreat!
And I know, when I return from Your sweet presence,
I will be whole, restored and, yes, complete!

For there is not another Place like Your arms;
for nothing "manufactured" can replace
the restoration that comes with Your Presence--
what love, what peace, what overwhelming grace!
Restored, I can return unto Your calling
for that which this man was created for:
to give of that which people are in need of,
knowing that You will fill me yet once more!"

Life is busy.  Life is hectic.  LIFE IS GOOD!  And with Jesus in your heart, life has purpose, meaning and calling.  Find that life and live it to the fullest!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Good Life

God has so much GOOD in store for each of us!  He WANTS the best for each of us.  Our trouble is, when something "bad" comes along, we immediately look at Him and wonder if He really does.

"You are so very good to us,
Your mercy so reflects;
but that does not make us immune
to "life" and its affects!
Everything is going well,
we prosper and advance,
but when a challenge comes along
we give You doubting glance!

You are the same yesterday,
today and evermore.
You promised in Your word that there
is Paradise in store!
You even said that You are with us
each and every day;
why, then, when there's lack or pain,
does our view of You sway?

I know that You are in control,
I know that You provide;
I also know that, life in this world,
has a painful side!
That doesn't change Your Word at all,
and it does not change You;
nor does it hinder my commitment,
Lord, to follow through!

This life--it is imperfect;
life There--for it is not!
and I will cling to You, in spite
of what this life has got!"

I admonish you again: KEEP PRESSING ON!  It may hurt, it may abuse, it may even kill you, but there is a perfect, painless life waiting for you when it is over and we are in the Presence of God!

Monday, September 3, 2018

What kind of Day?

Seasons changing...again.  Time goes on, and God continues to be God and provide in so many aspects of our lives!

The bluest sky is spotted with
so many fluffy clouds...
intermittently, the same,
the very sun enshrouds...
summer spends its final days
heating up the land,
while all of living sings God's praise
for the workings of His hand!

So fortunate, the ones who notice
life as life goes by;
we know that He provides this life--
on Him do we rely!
He is so very faithful to
provide variety
in the days that come and go,
and He's good to such as we!

"Thank You, Father, for this day
and what it does contain;
even if those days may bring some
temporary pain;
You are aware of ALL of it,
thus, on You, we depend.
Yes, thank You for another day,
my Father and my Friend!"

It was so beautiful here today.  It was not so beautiful in other places, but God was/is still there, and He remains in control.  Submit your each day to Him and just watch what He can do with it!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

"Where are You?"

At times, we all get frustrated.  Sometimes, even with God.  Fortunately, being the Loving Father that He is, He understands those times...
"Where are You when the words cannot be found?
You are inside and everywhere around...
Where are You when I cannot hear Your voice?
You're with me and You'll cause me to rejoice...
Where are You when the pain becomes so great?
You are holding me because You do relate...
Where are You when such questions do arise?
You're providing me with what no money buys!

I know that I am Yours, oh Lord,

I know that You are mine;
I know there will be suffering,
I know that I may whine;
but You don't see it like that, Lord,
You hear and You respond!
I am a child of Yours and, of me,
You are very fond!

Where are You in the trials of this life?

You have my hand and take me through the strife.
For You will never, ever leave this man;
and You give me what no one ever can!
I know the suffering--it will not last;
but for a season and it will be passed.
And in Your Presence I will always be,
no matter what this life may do to me!"

Yes, God understands those times: the pain...the frustration...the silence...the rejection.  How blessed we are to have a Father Who KNOWS everything we are going through and will never leave us nor forsake us!