Friday, August 17, 2018

Yes, There is Peace!

Again, a world so busy with situations, duties and "stuff" we find ourselves in. It is so easy to get so caught up in that "stuff" that we can no longer find peace.
But I know where HE is, and nothing of this world can affect what He has!
There is peace--a peace that's necessary so.
Available...but not all people know!
Some know, and yet continue on their way.
Oh, there is peace--and it is for today!

There is peace--it is in One Person. Only One!
His Name is Jesus--He is God's own Son!
His title even says "The Prince of Peace;"
for, unto Him, all stress you may release!

Yes, there is Peace. O come to know Him well!
There is nothing, to Him, You can't tell!
For He knows you completely anyway,
therefore, nothing can get in the way!

O there is Jesus, Prince of Peace, with open arms.
He smiles and, all suppression, so disarms!
He WANTS to be the One that you turn to!
Still, He leaves that decision up to you.

Yes, there is peace. Perfect Peace. And He desires to be the peace you need in a world that lacks such. His offer still stands. Don't let anything or anyone embezzle you out of it!

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