Monday, August 27, 2018

The Full Day

A thousand things affect each of us in our daily lives. There are, however, that many things and more that affect life that very few take note of. We must take time to!

Days and hours and minutes...
moments come and go;
there is so much of His arrangement
yet so few would know!
Even that which happens to you
all throughout the day,
He is aware of and He cares,
and wants to hear you say!

Make prayer a "conversation,"
and not a "monologue!"
The "busyness" will make more sense,
your mind to then unclog.
He listens and He answers,
He guides you and escorts;
most wait until talking with God
is of their last resorts!
But God is ALWAYS with you
and very much aware.
Realize Him and His touches
and show Him you care!
You know He will not leave your side-
that fact is very set;
relax into His care for you
and, farther, you will get!

Life is full. Your life may be more than full. But God has designed each of our days to be enjoyed...not merely "endured." Yes, do all that you can do with the time allotted you, but also use some of that time to enjoy Him and His creation!

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