Saturday, August 18, 2018

That Leading

So very fortunate is this man to have a small part in touching lives. For a few hours each week, I represent a world-wide corporation. However, for those hours, (and the rest of the hours in the week,) I also represent Jesus. I am always amazed at how He shows up in different situations!

At the window once again,
reaching out my hand.
I'm there to get their money, but
to also take a stand.
Am I different from the other
ones who take the cash?
Maybe not, but God is
glorified amidst the dash!

A note gets handed to me,
"Here, this is for you."
I put it in my pocket until
I have time to view.
It is a prayer request for someone,
or someone reaching out;
whatever be the need they have,
they trust and do not doubt.

So blessed to be available
for God the Father's use!
He calls us, one and all, with purpose,
but some find excuse.
What if every one of us
would answer to That Call?
A very different, better world
it would be after all!

That "tug on the heart..." that "gentle leading to do something for someone," or to say something to them; each of us knows "it." "It" being the leading of the Holy Spirit. Start heeding that Call in your own life and watch your own world change. He will amaze even you!

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