Friday, August 10, 2018

Signs of the Times

Like it or not, so many are the signs that point to the fact that these are the last days.  The busier the world gets, the more clear they become.
Are you ready?

Words upon some pages written

centuries ago;
"It's just another book," some scoff,
and on their way they go;
little do they know how living
is each sacred word!
will they take note when, finally,
their fruition is occurred?

"Even so, come quickly..." echoes

yet from that sweet page!
He said to know the times and seasons
of this final age.
Yet some I know have given up,
or don't believe at all!
Still, The Truth remains and, still,
remains The Savior's call!

The days that are be wicked...yet

there still be plenty "good!"
And we are told to not give up,
for that is understood!
Stand thus, ye faithful, even if
you must stand all alone;
for God--He will accomplish ALL
that, in His Word, is known!

Don't give up!  Continue to do and say as God leads you to for as long as it takes.  For we are NOT forsaken...forsake not the goodness within you therefore.  The time is at hand, even as it is written!


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